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    5w-15w 10w TV transmitter

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  • Date:2013-08-06
  • The TV host mainly by the transmitter modulation unit, amplifier unit, switching power supply (or string steady power supply) of three parts. In the modulation unit, the video signal is first through level adjustment potentiometer is adjusted to obta ...
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Product Description

5w-15w 10w  TV transmitter


The TV transmitter using radio frequency modulation technology, simple circuit, good performance, job stability
Be, can work long hours. With microwave, satellite ground receiving equipment, video recorders and other joints,
Can be composed of low-power television transmitters.
Equipment consists of:
1 TV transmitter 1

2 video input cable 1

3  audio input cable 1

4.Power cord 1

5 Manual 1
How it works:

The TV host mainly by the transmitter modulation unit, amplifier unit, switching power supply (or string steady power supply) of three parts. In the modulation unit, the video signal is first through level adjustment potentiometer is adjusted to obtain the appropriate modulation, and then clamped by the diode. Level audio signal through a frequency offset adjustment potentiometer, to FM oscillator FM. FM oscillator uses an LC oscillator, the use of FM varactor diodes, produce 6.5MHZ FM signal. Frequency doubling crystal to form the desired image of the amplified carrier frequency. 6.5MHZ FM audio and video signals simultaneously on the image carrier frequency modulation, the SAW filter to filter out unwanted components, and then run to the amplifier unit OM2070 wide.
Amplifier unit consists of a module and a transistor. Amplifier to work in the Group’s broadband amplifier module gain of 37dB, the total gain of the amplifier at 46dB or so. By measuring R6 (2W 1Ω) voltage across the resistor, can be calculated transistor operating current.
Power supply by a switching power supply. Switching power supply with small size, light weight, high efficiency, and has over-current protection, short circuit protection. And thus to provide a stable and reliable transmitter 24V DC voltage. Another part of the user according to the requirements of stable power supply equipped with string.

Front Panel



1 POWER Power Switch
2 Power indicator


Rear panel



1 RFOUT RF output
2 AC (220V) input (inside fuse)
3 with tone adjustment
4 transmitter audio input
5 transmitter video input

Instructions for use

1 equipment should be checked before use through transportation, handling after damage.
(2) After transmitting antenna mounting the antenna connected to the RF output socket on the host.
3 Although this machine is available in 180V to 260V AC voltage, can work, but the best feature in order to provide a stable power supply 220V voltage.
4 the signal source (VCR, satellite receiver, switches, etc.) were inserted into the host audio output corresponding input.
5 Press the POWER key to open the transmitter turned on, turned on, channel display should indicate this machine transmission channel, the meter pointer should be in the red zone. (Regardless of 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W)
6 Adjust the transmitter rear panel audio adjustment knob, relying on the TV monitor, the sound volume is moderate, without distortion prevail.
7 indicates the transmitter is turned on if the power is normal, the effect can be on television transmitter by measuring the emission field strength meter distance.
8 transmitter power has been adjusted at the factory, the power indicator during launch with a slight change in the input signal, the pointer in the red zone were normal. (The machine box 300Ω potentiometer adjustment can weak transmit power adjustment)
9 video transmitter modulation index has been factory adjusted. If the signal source output level caused by excessive overshoot, resulting in image contrast is too large, the image of people blue in the face, then to within the modulator 300Ω potentiometer for fine-tuning. )

Technical Specifications

General Characteristics
Operating temperature 0 -40 ℃
Relative humidity 90% (25 ℃ when)
Supply voltage 220VAC 50-60HZ
Power consumption 30W-200W
Working channel Ⅰ, Ⅲ band any given channel
Modulation Image: negative, AM
Audio: FM
TV system PAL-D or on demand
Image / sound power ratio 10: 1
Output power 3W, 5W, 10W, 20W
Output load impedance 50Ω
Unwanted radiation within the ≤-40dB adjacent channel
Outer ≤-55dB adjacent channel
In-band intermodulation distortion ≤-50dB

Image characteristics
Video Input voltage 1Vp-p ± 3dB
Video input impedance 75Ω
Picture carrier frequency stability of ± 500HZ / day
Amplitude frequency characteristic 0-6MHZ roughness ≤ ± 1dB
Signal to noise ratio ≥ 50dB
Differential gain ≤ 7%
Differential phase ≤ ± 3

Audio Features
Audio input level ≥ 100mV
Audio input impedance 1KΩ-10KΩ unbalanced
Maximum Deviation ± 50KHZ
Audio harmonic distortion 40HZ-150HZ ≤ 2%
FM SNR ≥ 60dB

we also have the high power TV transmitter 50w 100w 300w 1000w

If you want to make the TV transmitter you like ,could you tell me these as below:


Frequency, power supply system

Frequency ,the best picture Carrier frequency and sound carrier frequency

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