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    Allen & Heath SQ5 16-channel digital mixer

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  • Date:2020-08-05
  • The SQ series uses Allen & Heath's innovative XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine, which is designed for demanding field applications. With industry-leading high-definition audio and ultra-low 0.7ms delay, the SQ series brings you audio fidel ...
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The SQ series uses Allen & Heath's innovative XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine, which is designed for demanding field applications. With industry-leading high-definition audio and ultra-low 0.7ms delay, the SQ series brings you audio fidelity.
SQ-5 has 16 on-board preamplifiers and 17 faders, and can be 19" rack-mounted; it can be expanded to 48 inputs by a series of remote expanders, and each has an audio networking slot that can be plugged into Dante , Waves and other protocol audio cards, which are convenient for system integration, main amplification/monitoring sub-signal and multi-track recording. Because it has 12 stereo mixing outputs (can be configured as grouping or auxiliary sending), SQ is suitable for in-ear monitoring settings , And the Automatic Mic Mixing* function is very useful in a multi-microphone environment.

Flexible multitrack recording
With the built-in SQ driver, 96kHz multi-track recording directly to the USB hard disk can be easily realized. No software settings, sound card drivers or additional laptop computers are required. SQ-Drive is also a wise choice for managing temporarily inserted music.
A built-in 32×32 96kHz sound card is also provided for multi-track recording, accompaniment or virtual tuning applications. The sound card supports Core Audio and ASIO, and has MIDI and DAW control functions.
Advanced AMM*
The SQ series has an advanced automatic microphone mixer (AMM) function, which is a natural choice for conferences, forums, lectures and TV shows. It is fully integrated into the mixer without extra delay, so there is no need to route audio to a built-in DSP rack or an external plug-in system.
Designed for professionals
We know that in touring applications, the equipment must be strong enough. Therefore, we have designed the testing and repeat testing standards for SQ. From the three-layer, all-metal body to the lightweight aluminum handle, SQ is also very strong and durable under its beautiful appearance.
Mixing experience
With every new product development, the Allen & Heath team is committed to approaching the ultimate mixing experience. SQ’s indicator board is centered on a 7’’ high-definition capacitive touch screen, surrounded by high-friction, shiny knobs, creating an intuitive mixing experience, clearly displaying feedback information, and providing users with instant control. Channels and mixing can be dragged to any channel strip, and the channel name can be customized. The channel strip display can display the selected color of the channel, allowing users to create a mixing environment as needed. Each channel strip has a patented color channel level display system, and LED screens with different brightness and colors allow you to get the level indication at a glance. SQ-5 also provides 8 soft keys, which can be assigned to the required functions at the touch of your fingertips; there is also a "channel to all" mixing button to help you immediately access the selected channel Return of the return.
RackExtra FX
Allen & Heath is well-known in the industry for making simulation effects. These effects are not inferior to first-class plug-ins and avoid the trouble of using plug-ins. SQ has 8 stereo FX engines and the acclaimed RackExtra library, which contains simulation effects for classic reverb, threshold reverb, delay and modulator. All FX have a proprietary stereo return, so you don't need to waste input channels.
ME personal mixing system
SQ is fully compatible with the ME personal monitoring system, allowing artists to control their own monitoring mixes. Any number of ME-1 and ME-500 personal mixers can be connected hand in hand through the SLink port of the mixer or a remotely connected extender

96kHz FPGA processing

48 input channels
DEEP processing is ready
17 faders / 6 layers
12 stereo mix + LR
3 stereo matrix
8 stereo FX engines + dedicated return
7" capacitive touch screen
SLink port for remote audio/expansion
64ch I/O port for audio network
32×32 USB audio interface
SQ-Drive records directly to USB
AES output
Color channel measurement
Integrated LED lighting
Dedicated physical control
8 assignable SoftKeys
Channel LCD display
19" rack mountable

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