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    1w Fmuser CZH SDA-1A FM transmitter CZE-1A KIT

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  • Date:2011-03-02
  • 1. Rated Power Supply: DC12V 2. Maximum working current: 500mA 3. Ambient temperature: -5 ~ 40 ℃ 4. Frequency Range: 76MHz ~ 108MHz 5. Frequency band into: 100KHz 6. Stabilized mode: PLL 7. Pre-emphasis: 50μs optional default 75μ ...
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Product Description

1W SDA-01A PC Control FM PLL broadcast transmitter +Short antenna + Powersupply KIT

1 Watt Professional Transmitter FM Radio Station
Power adjustable from 0.1W to 1.2W
PC Control Function
SDA-01A is the old version of  CZE-01A


ApplaudPC control port, easy control through software in computer

software download:

SDA-01A PCcontrol USB Driver.rar
SDA-01A PC control software.rar


software interface.jpg
Main Features:
1. Wide frequency range: 76~108MHZ
2. Optional Channels: STEREO/MONO
3. Count down Power ON/OFF function
4. Power output is adjustable from 0~1w.
5. One button to control all the functions.Easy operation.
6. Adopting several protection methods, it has strong empty load protection ability.
7.PC control: Easy control through software in PC. Download the software called SDA-01A PC CONTROL from our website before using.
8. Working status lighting: When the transmitter is standinby, the backlight of the knob is red.When the transmitter is working, the backlight of the knob is blue.


Technial Specification:
Power supply: DC12V
Working currect: <0.5A
Frequency range: 76~108mhz
Frequency stability: ±10PPM
Frequency stepping:100KHz
Working temperature: -10°c~50°c
Output impedance:50Ω
Power output:0W~1W continuously adjustable
Harmonics, spurious radiation   ≤-50dB
Audio distrotion: ≤0.3%
Frequency Response: 50Hz~15000Hz
Seperation:≥40 dB
Input level:≤-15 dBV
Frequency Modulation:±75KHZ
SNR≥60 dB
Size: 140mm(L)*105mm(W)*43mm(H)
Net weight: 550g


Package Include:

1* SDA-01A 1w transmtiter

1* Short antenna

1* power supply

1* conversion socket

if you have any question ,please feel free to contact me:[email protected]


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