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    1000W 1KW Rack FM broadcast transmitter FM Radio Station

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  • Date:2012-02-23
  • professional FM broadcast transmitter, 1-meter rack,digital FM exciter, AES/EBU input directly, CD quality,high performance. ...
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618F series digital FM broadcast transmitter is based on a new digital FM exciter, supplemented by audio transmission equipment, power amplifier and power synthesis filter. Through all-digital audio processing, the software directly implements digital filtering of audio, pre-emphasis, instantaneous, pilot generation, stereo encoding and other processes. MPX signals are then modulated and output by direct digital synthesis technology to transmit high-quality FM broadcast signals.


 MOSFET all-solid-state technology

 Unique distribution and synthesis technology

 Modular design concept

 Power amplifier module and switching power supply adopt building block structure

 Parallel redundant design to reduce the interruption rate

 Backup redundant design of the exciter: the main and backup exciters are backed up and switched automatically (backup exciter and switch are optional)

 Microprocessor control technology with self-diagnostic function

 Perfect technical data detection and monitoring system and computer control software with perfect functions

 With TCP / IP, SMS cat, RS232 communication interface, computer management and monitoring can be used

 The switching power supply is provided with over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, lightning protection, etc.

 The whole transmitter is equipped with VSWR, over-excitation, phase loss and lightning protection etc.

ZHC618F-500W/1KW FM Transmitter DIAGRAM

1KW FM Radio Transmitter (1000W Rack)

Technical Specifications: (Depends on exciter model)

1. Frequency Range:             87.0MHz~108.0MHz

Setting step 10KHz

2. Output Power                  0~500W/1000W

3. Output Impedance             50Ω

4. RF Output Interface            7/16″(female)/ 7/8” Flange

5. Residual wave radiation        ≤-70dB
6. Parasitic amplitude modulation ≤-50dB

7. Pilot frequency deviation       < 0.5Hz

8. Pilot modulation               7.5kHz (adjustable from 0 to 12 kHz)

9. Audio input impedance        600Ω balanced

10. Audio Input Level            -10dBm~+10dBm, step 0.1dBm

11. AES / EBU input impedance  110Ω, balanced
12. AES / EBU input level        0.2 ~ 10Vpp
13. AES / EBU sample rate       30kHz ~ 96kHz

14. Audio input interface         XLR

15. Modulation frequency deviation 75kHz (100% modulation)

maximum 112.5kHz (150% modulation)

16. Pre-emphasis                0μS, 50μS, 75μS (optional)

17. Audio Response              ±0.1dB (30Hz~15000Hz)

18. LR channel level difference   <0.1dB (100% modulation)
19. Stereo Separation            ≥50dB (30Hz ~ 15000Hz)
20. Stereo S/N ratio              ≥70dB (1KHz, 100% modulation)

21. Distortion             ≤0.1% (30Hz~15000Hz, 100% modulation)

22. Power supply voltage          AC 220V ± 15% 50Hz

23. Cooling mode                 Forced Convection

24. Temperature Range:          -5℃~+45℃

25. Relative humidity             <95%
26. Working Altitude              <4500m

27. Power Consumption:          1600VA

28. Size             (wide)600mm×(height)1000mm×(depth)900mm

29. Weight                        85KG

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