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Product Description


15W TV Transmitter UHF/VHF
General Description
This transmitter makes use of RF modulation technology and imported power amplifier, featuring simple circuit design, good performance, stable operation and long time continuously running. It can make up a medium-power TV station when connected with the microwave equipment, satellite TV receiving equipment and video recording equipment.

The complete kit contains:
1. 15W TV Transmitter                one Set
2. Broadcast Antenna                 one Piece
3. 30 meters  feeder cable          one Piece
4. Video input cable                    one Piece
5. Audio input cable                    one Piece
6. Power supply cord                  one Piece
7. Operation instructions             one Copy



Operation Principle
 The 15W TV transmitter is composed of three parts, a modulation unit, a power amplifier (PA) unit and a switching power supply. In the modulation unit, video signals are adjusted to the suitable modulation depth via a level adjusting potentiometer and then clamped by a diode. The audio signals are sent to a FM oscillator for frequency modulating after its frequency deviation is adjusted by the level potentiometer. The FM oscillator employs a LC oscillator and generates6.5MHz FM signal by a variable capacitance diode. The frequency of the crystal oscillator is multiplied to generate the wanted visual carrier. 6.5MHz FM signal and video signal modulate the visual carrier simultaneously. A bandpass filter will filter out unwanted components and the signals will be sent to the PA unit by a broadband amplifier.
 PA unit is composed of first stage PA and final stage PA units. The first stage PA unit consists of a module and a transistor and adopts a class-A broadband amplifier. The gain of the module is 34dB and the total gain of the PA is about 54dB. Working current of the triode transistor can be calculated by measuring voltages on both ends of the resistor R6 (2W 1W).
 The power supply unit contains a switching power supply which features small size, lighter weight and high efficiency and can provide over-current and short-circuit protections, so that the transmitter will work at a stable 28V DC voltage. The overall equipment uses one 28V/10A power supplies. In the case of one of the power supplies is out of order, the transmitter will be switched off into safety mode automatically.
Dimensions             120mm*400mm*420
Temperature range                0- 40ºC
Relative humidity                 90% (at 25°C)
Voltage                                 220VAC        50-60Hz  (please let us know your voltage and frequency , we can custom make for you )
Power consumption                     70W
Operating channel                   any appointed channel within UHF or VHF
Modulation method                    Vision: negative polarity, AM
                         Sound: FM
TV standard                         NTSC  ( Pleast let us know the standard you need , we can custom make for you )
Vision/sound power ratio            10:1
Output power                       15W
Output impedance                50W
Unwanted radiation                    in adjacent channel £ -50dB
Intermodulation distortion          in- band £-50dB
Video characteristics
Video input voltage                     1Vp-p ± 3dB
Video input impedance        75W
Vision carrier stability          ± 500 Hz/Day
Amplitude vs. Frequency            0-5MHz £ ± 0.5dB
Random spurious S/N          ³50dB
Differential gain                          £ 7%
Differential phase                 £ 5°
Audio Characteristics
Audio input level                 ³100mV
Audio input impedance        unbalanced
Max. frequency deviation           ± 50KHz
Audio harmonic distortion          40Hz – 150Hz £ 2%
FM S/N                             ³60dB

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  1. HETUL SACICANT 2015/03/04 at 14:29:32

    im interested to purchase tv transmitter, i have 2 question: how long range distance far of this 15w? and how long range distnce far of 50w LOW PRICE 50W TV TRANSMITTER?
    and have space of conect cable av ?audio video?
    im waiting to ur answer to give order
    hetul Sacicant

  2. Juan Romero Gonzalez 2020/06/03 at 23:17:45

    Por favor necesito un transmisor de 15w para un canal 31 UHF NTSC estoy en ecuador input 110v.