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    100W150w RDS addressable fm transmitter Campus radio rconference translation with Circularly polarized+15m cable

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  • Date:2013-12-18
  •         FMT-150D 0-150w RDS intelligent addressable broadcast transmitter for Campus radio, conference translation The FMT-D Series is a professional RDS FM radio intelligent addressable devices. It completely solved the i ...
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FMT-150D 0-150w RDS intelligent addressable broadcast transmitter for

 Campus radio, conference translation

The FMT-D Series is a professional RDS FM radio intelligent addressable devices. It completely solved the instability problems of the traditional SCA, the high reliability of its unique advantage of highly integrated, so every village, every village rang, campus radio, public broadcasting must wireless addressable broadcast equipment.


• combination of three technologies, microcomputer phase-locked loop + RDS addressing coding + PC intelligent all-day automatically broadcast control software.
• 128 Road Independent zone control, unified control and eight regional control as well as a separate sub-control.
• Built-in 10 groups stored addressing scheme, each group can be pre-set a good 128 partition the default, and then through the panel to quickly choose which group, so that the stand-alone operation more simple and quick.
• remote receiving terminal on and off, and can be controlled independently of the size of the sound of each terminal.
• receiving terminal using two sets of check code control, a group of eight host ID, used to identify the transmitter host, so as not to mistakenly opened another transmitter, addressing a group of 128-bit address code is used to check the receiving end operations, such as the size of the sound and switch mute. Two sets of parity checksum error will not be able to open the receiving terminal. Far beyond the encryption of similar products.
• receiving terminal is simply the first time with the transmitter code, set address code can achieve automatic frequency tracking, when the transmitter to change the frequency, the receiving end will follow the changes in the frequency of the transmitter, thus eliminating the need for each receiving terminal user Set frequencies trouble.
• Strong PC intelligent all-day automatic broadcast control software can achieve 365 days of fully automated broadcast, timed to open and close.
• National original transmitter with automatic antenna frequency detection function, the user simply selected can let the transmitter automatically set the antenna frequency point, installation and commissioning of the user becomes quite simple.
The • digital front panel humane, direct programming stepping 5KHz.
• Soft start to rise slowly from the RF output 0 to the state of the set value.
• adjustable power output from zero to full power, the power of the automatic gain control, maintained at a fixed level of any output.
• rationalization of circuit layout and easy to replace and parts.
• The full import of military grade RF power tube.
• the full protection of the reflected power and overheating fault.
• Comprehensive power level specifications to meet the different needs of the market as a whole, FMT-30D the 40W, FMT-80D for 80W, FMT-150D is 150W, FMT-350D 350W

Technical parameters:

Frequency :76-96, or 87.5-108MHz, can be customized according to the user 70 ~ 108MHz.
Frequency Step value: 5KHz or 100Khz.
Modulation method: FM peak deviation ± 75KHz
Frequency stability: <± 100Hz
Frequency stabilization method: PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer
Harmonic Suppression: <-65dBc
RF output impedance: 50Ω
RF output connector: N type female
Audio input connector: RCA
RF output power: FMT-30D 40W the FMT-80D 80W, FMT-150D 150W, FMT-350D is 350W
Pre-emphasis: 50us, 75us (user-selectable)
S / N ratio Mono:> 70 dB (20 to 20KHz)
S / N ratio Stereo:> 65 dB (20 to 15KHz)
Stereo separation:-50dB
Audio Frequency Response: 80 ~ 15000Hz
Audio distortion: <0.2%
Modulation: 15%
Input level:-15dBV
Main power requirements: 220V or 110V
Operating temperature range: -10 to 45 ° C
Operating mode: continuous work
Size: 483 x 88x 350 mm (excluding the handle part), 19 in. standard rack 2U.
Reference range: 6Km-10Km

Standard accessories:


1*an antenna,

1*a 15 m feeder

1*power cord


Weight: 9 kg

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4 Responses

  1. Scott Ballantyne 2014/04/12 at 17:53:34


    I’m looking for a 100 watt fm transmitter. Do you have something like this:

    I’m helping setup a low power fm radio station and I was wondering what you would recommend for that.


  2. jose 2014/06/03 at 01:44:07

    Hola que tal?estaría muy interesado en el artículo transmisor fm 150w con rds y Antena podría sustituir esta antena por un dipolo?me podríais dar precio en euros,del equipo puesto en las palmas de gran Canaria españa.muchas gracias esperando pronta respuesta un saludo José Sánchez.

    • admin 2014/06/05 at 01:43:42

      Hello Jose
      It is a whole kit include the transmitter antenna and cable .
      welcome to have an order .