Would wireless network Impact on human health?—-FMUSER

Would wireless network Impact on human health?—-FMUSER


With the progress of society, people are increasingly concerned about the quality of life, more and more concerned about the living environment; environmental problems are increasingly attracted people’s attention. People see the free wireless Internet brings experience, but also made? Some friends, whether wireless radiation on the human body radiation it? Whether the number of years after the radiation by a variety of symptoms will gradually be revealed , people could not help but do not have time to surf the wireless experience , feel a trace of concern. And today we talk about this issue.


The difference between the two concepts


First, we have to distinguish two electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution concepts of electromagnetic radiation is everywhere and at all times , only when the energy of electromagnetic radiation reaches a certain value , will become the electromagnetic pollution , will harm the human body . A small amount of radiation the body’s own ability to regulate completely offset its impact.


Appropriate electromagnetic radiation not only harmless , but beneficial to the human body. (Ah, practical, materialistic)


Compared with similar


Now almost staffing “a machine “, and whether you are a GSM, CDMA or PHS, there are problems of electromagnetic radiation, rest assured that if you dare to use them , then you could have more confidence to use wireless devices , because the above device radiation on the human body much larger than the wireless device , or let the data speak for themselves below it .


Current widespread use of the 900MHz band GSM phone maximum transmit power of 2W,, 1800MHz band maximum transmit power of 1W, when the power is turned on the phone than under ordinary circumstances to be larger , even if it is 700 mW of our bar . CDMA phones are called green actually not environmentally friendly , we have a wrong perception , CDMA phone will not interfere on the side of the phone, speakers and screen to answer the call when it concluded its low radiation than many GSM in fact, according to experts through rigorous testing , both for human radiation comparable. Compared with the previous two, PHS can indeed be called the Green Goblin , which burst transmit power of about 80 mW.


This compares with WLAN wireless card transmit power even smaller , generally about 40 mW , but also relatively far distance from the body , unlike cell phones attached to the body , the body generally do not reach to 1 mW.


Some friends asked microwave oven and 802.11b wireless devices to work together in a band , so the fear of radiation is also a large wireless network card , but a microwave oven can reach 700 watts of power , while the number of wireless cards only , ah, so we do not have this worry .


Wi-Fi radiation on the human body of another transmitting a wireless signal from a wireless AP or wireless router , but the wireless LAN access point AP transmit power generally not exceeding 100 mW , the PHS base station power equivalent to only 1 / 5. So the impact on people much less . (It seems that the use of WLAN electromagnetic home wireless networks and mobile phone radiation is not a level, much smaller.)


Summary and some tips


See here, you should believe that accessing the Internet via wireless to bring you only the wireless bondage, free to enjoy, will not affect you and your family’s health. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much, if you still do not worry, I can sort out a number of recommendations to minimize radiation for your reference.


A wireless device will not shut


Wireless router or AP is not the case if temporarily switch off the power, one can reduce the radiation , one can save energy. There are now most laptops have built-in wireless card, if you do not use the wireless network is disabled , then put it away, method of operation is to right-click on My Computer, find the wireless card in the device manager inside the property , select Disable. (Well, when you do not have a wireless network, the wireless function of the router Anjiu off in the future.)


2 Do not use high-power indoor wireless AP


In order to increase the transmission distance wireless devices , many manufacturers offer a high-power wireless AP, these devices are generally for outdoor use, but some friends the blind pursuit of the transmission range and penetration capability , Outdoor AP for indoor use , which will undoubtedly increase the wireless device of human radiation is undesirable. ( Okay, the last time I bought AP indoor household use , in the future also be careful not to buy high-powered . )


3 notebook wireless Internet not too close from the body


Some friends to experience the fun of wireless Internet , holding a notebook sit just anywhere , put the books began to lap a wireless Internet surfing, watching movies, this notebook’s wireless card from the more recent body radiation on slightly larger, but also easy to break the books , should be avoided. ( Ah, I pay special attention to this , because at home using a laptop mostly very casual occasions , usually people are not sat , otherwise they work on a desktop machine, and lying down or semi- recumbent occasions leaning more generally put the notebook leg the . coming to attention , some distance away from the body . )


4 When answering a cell phone is best to use separate headphone and microphone to answer


Phone is turned on electromagnetic radiation maximum instantaneous release, this time with a separate headset to avoid close contact with the head; you can reduce this time mobile phone radiation on the human body. (I’m not worried about this, and now I have received one week less than two phones. These spam messages are received, huh. )


5 . Increasing physical activity to enhance their resistance


Radiation of the same energy, generated on different people are different. Strong resistance to people’s own ability to offset weak radiation resistance than the NPC lot, so a correct understanding of the problem of wireless device radiation while we try to improve their resistance through physical exercise.


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