Description of Wireless FM Transmitter FM transmitter microphone pickup monitor V3.2 upgrade


The transmitter is in the original selling V3.2 has been optimized based on the upgrade. Emitter voltage of 3V, use two batteries, the distance of 50 or so, the new battery can work continuously normal about a week! Can greatly to meet customer requirements on time for the launch! This product has inherited the same product before the high sensitivity and good pickup features! You can hear very faint sounds, such as a quiet room clocks ticking sound! ! ! ! !

This product uses FM modulation, the signals emitted in the distance can be used FM radio receiver, you can also use the phone with a radio or car radio reception!

The microphone built-in product, is only an appearance as the antenna wire in the shell, the shell of the total integrated power switch, you do not work when the transmitter can be turned off, which increases the efficiency of the battery!

This product is widely used in various situations need to pick up faint sounds that can monitor the elderly and children, and hotels and so need to listen for the occasion!

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