Wireless FM (FM) Introduction

From:Chinese Deaf Children’s Services Network


Although we are far away from the radio stations, but we can listen the broadcast clearly by radio, this is because the form of the FM radio can transmit the sound signals into the air, but as long as the radio frequency consistent with accepted frequency radio programs, No matter how far you are you can listen to the sound of the radio.

The same reason, if we use a particular transmitter signal will sound like radio stations to broadcast a particular frequency, and as long as the installation of an FM receiver on the hearing aid, the same can clearly receive the signal. This device has been currently widely used. And with improved technology, the volume transmitter and receiver getting smaller, the performance is getting better, which greatly facilitate the users.

The biggest advantage of FM system is to increase the strength of the sound signal, reducing the intensity of the noise; the SNR is increased by changing the clarity of speech sound is conducive to learning language. In addition it also solves the problem of distance have an impact on the effect of the hearing aid. Under the premise of transmitter power meet, as long as teachers or parents to wear a transmitter, a receiver of deaf children are wearing can clearly hear them no matter where they are. And magnetic induction loop amplification system, as it can be used in one’s home training, but also can be used in many a collective training.

In some developed countries, wireless FM system is conventional hearing rehabilitation equipment, not only used in hearing aids, but also widely used in children with cochlear implants in, for improving rehabilitation has a great effect.

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