What Is The FM Transmitter?—FMUSER

what is the FM transmitter ?

A, simply, is  the machine launch to transmit sound to the air through the FM radio technology  , and then use common radio can listen the sound . In general, the FM transmitter is the short name of FM broadcast transmitter , mainly for the voice and FM radio to wirelessly transmit music program out .

B, Any FM radio station , regardless of their size ( National Radio , Radio provincial , municipal radio station , county radio station township , village radio, campus radio station, Radio enterprises , military barracks, radio, etc. ) , both controlled by the audio broadcast equipment, audio transmission device , FM transmitters and transmitter and antenna components.

C,if you want to build a large coverage radio , you need to have a large power FM transmitter , high-gain antenna and  mounted antenna in high places from the ground ; but small coverage radio , just need a small power FM transmitter ,appropriate gain antenna and mounted on a suitable height.

D, by using the occasion of the FM transmitter : can be divided into professional and amateur level FM transmitter, professional radio is mainly used for professional sound quality , high reliability requirements of occasions , but mainly amateur level for non-professional radio and sound quality and reliability requirements for the general requirements of the occasion ;

E, by way of broadcast : can be divided into stereo and mono radio broadcast ; according to FM transmitter circuit schematic can be divided into analog and digital FM transmitter; With the rapid development of electronic technology, especially in professional FM transmitter , digital FM transmitter is gradually replacing analog FM transmitter , the difference between digital and analog is very simple , to see whether the use of the use of software radio technology (DSP + DDS) design.

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