RDS is the abbreviation of the Radio Data System, Radio Data System.RDS is founded in 1984 by the European broadcasting union (the EBU) on the European standard of data broadcast system, in 1986 the international radio consultative committee (CCIR) passed on RDS 643 proposal, in 1990 formally adopted and published EN50067 “implementation of RDS criterion”. Since then other Europeans began RDS radio business. Compared with the medium wave, the RDS feature of the urban traffic information broadcasting is use of existing resources of FM radio, through radio signals into digital code in implementation, only a small amount of investment can be built in radio transmitter. It is with the audio signal is separated, the slightest not interfere with the radio, will not affect the radio sound quality.

When the radio detected and demodulated the digital code, it can provide the corresponding function.RDS FM receiver band, the scope of 87.5 to 108.0 MHz radio band interval at least 100 kHz, adjacent subcarrier data to be loaded on 57 kHz. Data content can include radio announcement of type, program type, transportation, weather forecasting, advertising information, standard time, etc., at the same time provides an open data interface, provide data text application channel for users special requirements.RDS: simply put is common in the FM radio can transmit some simple digital information, such as time, date, and so on digital broadcasting system, mainly used in Europe is very wide.

Its main function is as follows: it has a priority setting characteristics. You can set your favorite radio channel, such as sports, news or military, etc., when you received when you set the channel signal machines, machine working content will be suspended, and broadcast this information.

It is the number can be shown in the letter, there is no sound. There is also a interrupt function is warning, when road accident (such as traffic jam, etc.), radio broadcast signal, machine received will be displayed, you can go the other way. In general in Europe’s vehicle electronic equipment requirement for the RDS function.


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