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What is Beats Audio

Beats Audio sound system is a unique high-performance technology systems developed by HP and Beats by Dr. Dre, and will be applied to HP Pavilion and Envy series models, for example, HP Pavilion dv6 notebook , etc.. Provide users with better audio enjoyment.

Many people think that red circle and “B”, is the “MONSTER”, but in fact Monster and Beats are two different companies.  Beats gave the license to Monster to manufacture and sell.

February 23, 2011 in “HP World” conference , I believe that in addition to PSG mobile Internet , WebOS, TouchPad and CoolSense have most impressive outside , Beats Audio sound system really is a high frequency vocabulary to appear.

One of the best examples is the Beats Audio technology into the webOS Tablet PC Touchpad. So far, this technology has been mentioned many times in just the same as a footnote (PS: estimated to be valued not being mean ) , but the Beats Audio technology is likely to make webOS ‘s first Tablet PC in many Touchpad tablet PC stand out. Why? Then look down to know. So let’s first take a look skeptical. Yes, Beats headphones by Monster Cable Products Inc. Production Company, and has been well-known musician Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Bono and even Dr. Dre’s praise. Yes , Beats the brand in the music piece to complete the next Hollywood hype , does claim to fame , but this technique it really skin deep ? The answer of course is no.

Beats is by the famous American musician Jimmy Iovine and Super Rap star Dr. Dre joint development . Because people ‘s attention Music , they saw a mainstream consumer market can benefit from the huge market opportunity : the audio quality on the computer.

At the press conference on February 9 in , Iovine cited a long list of music now mediocre place in the supply chain . Now from our computer to obtain the release of the music mostly from the low bit-rate sound quality of iTunes music , he pointed out that this is quite shocking , because the computer is increasingly becoming the family ‘s main tool for music playback , but no one can be heard in the studio with artists recorded music as the effect of the music.

The key point here is how to keep the audio signal from the headphone jack of the headset is connected to the attenuation of the audio cable. It also includes how to electromagnetic noise isolation between the motherboard and the pronunciation part of a discrete audio signal amplifier , separate left and right channel audio line and ground , even at the interface using a non- metal material , which can reduce ground noise. There is also a special Beats Audio audio profile , through its ability to carry the Beats Audio technology allows computer -related hardware functions into full play .

Said so many esoteric techniques, how to use practical effects? Excellently. Many well-known technology media , such as Engadget, laptop magazine , PC World , etc. in on the award-winning HP Envy series notebook , equipped with the Touchpad Beats Audio technology will be more than just a brand , are more likely to let the Touchpad performance beyond our imagination. In addition , even if Beats Audio no imagination so good , Touchpad with this technology can also form a hype from other tablet PC features, which can get more market share in the highly competitive tablet market .

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Monster Company


Monster (Monster), also known as Monster , wire (Monster Cable) is the world’s first audio-visual equipment to connect the development of high-energy brand , the company (Mr.Noel Lee) was founded by Chinese-American Mr. Li Mei St. in 1979. Prior to this, in spite of audio equipment have been a high fidelity , sound quality is quite good compact disc jukebox , Hi-end level of the amplifier, and a considerable reduction of the perfect high-fidelity music speaker , but people on these equipment connection line knew nothing , but with ordinary wire to transmit high fidelity signals.


Monster was founded in 1978 . Li Mei St. in June 26, 1978 registered a new company name “Monster Cable” ( a U.S. registered trademark # 73176069 ) , and in their garage in San Francisco , California to begin production .

1979 developed the first Monster Cable , participate in the Summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.

In 1980 the company moved out of Monster Garage . Tai Min and Shang Yu Chang became the first employee of the company , still magic sound company.

1983 Xterminator outlet received U.S. patent ( Patent No. 4,384,758 ) .

1984 Monster launched the world’s first research and design specifically for Apple Computer speakers : MacSpeaker.

1998 Monster introduced Monster Power patented Monster Clean Power? Filtering to enhance the home theater experience.

2008 release Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones from Monster teamed Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A & M Chairman Jimmy Iovine teamed jointly developed by the magic sound design and production company .

2009 released Heartbeats by Lady Gaga headphones.

2010 release Diddybeats and Butterfly by Vivienne Tam.

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