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Tieline Commander G3 portable and rack is the world’s most successful and widely applied broadcast remote transmitter. The most advanced science and technology and good quality Tieline won world recognition, and is widely used in various radio and television center USA, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Africa, Asia , the Middle East and Australia .fmuser



Tieline products worldwide success in the hardware itself is simply an open platform, so that it can communicate with the technological development to add new network interface, and will not be eliminated, protecting the interests of its clients. . Thousands of Tieline Commander Transmitter loyal users are doing short-distance and long-distance transport connections every day and am very satisfied.

Tieline Commander G3 has a profound set a highly competitive transmission, is on the same transmitter produced the world’s first to allow six different network transmission choices, and to ensure that you are in no matter how remote places, studios can receive a very vivid , professional broadcast , stable audio connection.

Optional network

1 , by IP, LAN, WAN, wireless network 802.11x wir n and audio transmission network ;

2, 3 G wireless broadband mobile networks;

3 commonly used analog POTS or PSTN telephone line connection;

(Containing a minimum of 3 kHz dry pairs)

4, wireless phone GSM network;

5, ISDN BRI, PRI and Inmarsat satellite tour;

6 , Digital Private Line , with X.21 interfaces ;

Commander G3 easy to use, easy to operate, and even allows a non-technical personnel in the field are very confident in the use of portable transmitter ; You can transfer from the other transmitter settings , the other just know how power , telephone lines, input and output and dialing can be.


Performance Introduction

You can choose a wide range of wired or wireless IP, 3G Mobile Broadband, POTS, GSM, ISDN and X.21 network interface.

Corporate standard algorithms specified range and choice, including AAC, AAC Plus, MPEG L2/L3, G.711, G.722, Tieline Music and Voice.

Have three inputs and three outputs digital transmitter includes two balanced mic line inputs , an unbalanced auxiliary input / output , and two balanced outputs.

Two expansion slots, you can choose POTS, ISDN, X.21 GSM,

I P (multi-style LAN / WAN, 802.11x and 3G Mobile Broadband

Network transmission device 😉 .

One can set 14 x 8 software cross point

Digital Matrix Audio Router (DMR)

The front panel buttons can be set to call for local and real-time communication in the field.

The current relay and RS-232 control system for local or remote control devices connected to both sides of the transmitter increases from the studio to the remote intelligent audio input level control .

LAN, USB master / sub- region and the serial interface for connecting a computer to do remote control .



Bi-directional transmission of professional broadcast -quality audio through a single mono POTS, ISDN, X.21, GSM or IP connections to achieve.


Commander G3 provides two -channel stereo , and through ISDN and X.21 / use

MpegL2 and options AAC, AAC + algorithms in parallel stereo available through Tieline

Music algorithm, using a single channel can get 15kHz stereo 64kb and 64kb and 384kb via IP in the rate can transmit stereo . Tieline is the world’s first with two analog POTS telephone lines to transmit a stereo 15KHZ phase .

Mono to / IFB

To show a two-way transmission of a single mono + full bandwidth intercom channel. Do not need to use very expensive communications equipment or mobile phone to local and remote communications , especially the yellow button Commander G3 rack-mount front panel can be used to set ( using DMR) -one or one- call off-air internal input TIELINE Commander G3 portable transmitter has front panel control keys of software distribution . One touch button , the scene of a genius producer, director and engineers at both ends of the transmission input and separate headphone input to the control and the main unit via an audio program .

Dual Mono

Offers two unique selection

a) with POTS, ISDN, X.21, GSM or IP, can be any two networks simultaneously by the Commander G3 program audio program audio to two different studios . Each studio is received from the Commander G3 to transmit over the same audio source, or

b) Connect a studio transmitter to two portable transmitter and through any

Two separate remote networks will simultaneously transmit audio to the studio . So as long as two to three transmitter remote transmission (no four ) to complete two transmission .

Two mono mix

Can be connected to two analog phone lines, and each combination is connected to a lower bit rat is a relatively high bandwidth to achieve high quality audio transmission 15kHz . So you will not be limited in remote areas of the poor quality of the telephone line quality . ( Generally a good analog telephone line will reach 15kHz audio ) .

Rack -type characteristics :

New TLR300B Commander G3 rack-mount transmitter is divided into two sizes :

A.1RU with front panel status LEDs;

1RU transmitter can control the PC GUI TielineToolbox computer , through the local LAN, WAN, USB or serial port connected to the rear of the transmission interface. You can also remotely control even through your Tieline link or network.

1RU front panel status LED including power, current audio and telephone interface status display.

B.2RU hardware with front panel control ;

2RU front panel with full hardware control, including four on the front panel LED / PPM meter can be set to display the send / return, or the user can select the channel mix.IT . Remote control via Tieline PC GUI.

Each transmitter provides two inputs and two outputs, analog or digital interface module.

PC control

Each transmitter has a variety of configurations to provide a comprehensive PC software package that allows you the flexibility to set its configuration, audio routing and local and remote control.

Very simple to connect your computer to the transmitter on the back of PC LAN, serial port or USB port. The connection between the transmitter can be remotely controlled by a remote transmitter, or can be set directly through network connections , software upgrades and changes to the remote transmitter’s address file information.

Interface card

Analog and digital AES / EBU interface card. Commander G3 offers thoroughbred audio interface card, you can according to their actual needs to choose , hot- plugged into the back of the rack-mounted transmitter . You can only use one interface card, but you can also choose a different time upon request replacement.

You can choose a simulation , dual input with XLR connector I / O interface card , also optional AES / EBU , and XLR connector with dual input / output interface cards. Select AES / EBU clock includes an internal clock and external AES / EBU clock. Tieline also have failed when an external clock will automatically switch to the internal clock.

Auto fill drop

This is a very powerful software , a network connection when problems occur , op transmitter will automatically switch to another network backup connection. For example : When your IP connection is temporarily interrupted, the transmitter will automatically switch to the backup POTS connection . Related modules is a must have ( installed) .

TLR300B1 1RU rack-mount transmitter settings can be controlled or PC GUI

Portable features :

IP: plugged into a LAN network port or directly into an ADSL router can transmit 15kHz mono mono ; via DSL, cable, LAN, WAN , and broadband wireless 802.11x network can transmit stereo .

STL to provide effective IP connection to the studio and the studio uncompressed ( linear ) 20kHz stereo

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