Three tips of HDMI

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface, High-Definition Multimedia Interface ) is a new type of digital audio and video interface, the signal interface in the future it will replace the existing DVD players , TVs, set-top boxes and displays a variety of digital devices. This means that consumers can use only one signal line to replace the previous good few signal lines. You can either use it to connect a DVD player , and you can use it to connect to the TV . The heart of the interface standard developed jointly by the Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, American Silicon Image , Sony, Thomson , Toshiba


First: to enhance the quality


HDMI is definitely strong , and in the entry-level DVD player if you add a new portfolio of digital interfaces , allowing entry- DVD player on the screen quality machine with intermediate Competition chips. HDMI high clear , the color output of the fuselage as may correspond to 720p or 1080I on quality , but the color is very focused on the quality of the output lines , and HDMI cable required for no color so high , the effect of the gap between the line and the line is not common too obvious ( the cheapest on the market now also HDMI cable around 70 yuan and shielded magnetic ) , a very important point is relative to the DVI interface requires its distance from the signal source and the receiver can not exceed 15 m .


Second: to enhance the sound quality


The biggest advantage of HDMI is both uncompressed all-digital video signal transmission , also supports digital audio transmission , rely on an HDMI cable connected to a plasma , you can simultaneously enjoy crisp and clear picture and stereo sound transparent . But now only a few manufacturers have launched models support this approach , the cost of such a player is relatively high.


Third : HDCP ( high-speed broadband content protection )


Today’s piracy worldwide has , the more serious areas in China and Russia , the future of high-definition sources , more and more good quality and because almost no distortion , very easy to be copied. So this is no HDCP copyright protection technology . Many production companies and film studios will be disastrous , especially in today’s film makers are in the U.S., so of course the Americans for their own interests to take the initiative , Intel ‘s HDCP is used to protect such Internet-based digital a technique multimedia video copyright. Before television, film and interactive type ( interactive ) network in the form of large-scale appearance , Intel can configure the content protection across all digital displays and digital video display terminal .

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