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production of materials hifi headphones are more commonly used ABS plastic , the structure is more complex, is comparatively less strong, professional monitoring headphones while using people generally use probably will not care too much , but the frequency of use is very high , the use of the environment will be more complex and may be indoors, it may be wind and rain outside, so they requested to be simple, rugged and durable. Some mixdown recording with headphones listening headphone listening as hifi headphones , hifi headphones but can not as a monitor headphones , because most hifi headphones sound more serious dye , or the entire band frequency response curve flat enough or phase characteristics well, despite the sense of hearing may be quite good, but for some band or some musical instrument , playback effect may be defective , of course , high-end hifi headphones can also be used in the studio , such as HD600 but this is also the sound engineer ‘s personal preference . Many sound engineer with a certain type of headphones used to have to develop their own listening habits , is generally not easily replace themselves with headset models .

Professional monitoring headphones and hifi headphones there is a difference, because sound engineer wearing headphones to listen to work , it does not like the music lovers to enjoy a cup of tea as a sofa , travel tour Zai Zai , but very busy , before adjusting fader mixer , the parameters knob peripherals , what power level recording equipment , shall be timely adjustments , who also kept moving, the headset will propose a requirement to wear some of the more solid tight , can not easily fall. So, there is a parameter monitor headphones called the average pressure on the ear ( average ear pressure ) , that the pressure on the ear headphone unit values ??, professional monitoring headphones ear pressure is generally greater than hifi headphones headphones.

In addition, monitoring headphones are generally no volume adjustment function .

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