Telos Switch Console–FMUSER

Telos Switch Console

Enter the calling line for selection , multiple conference calls , dialing and other talk show functions. You can display the status of input lines , each ONE-x-SIX system can take up to two directed switch. Power state.

1-130115110305456 1-130115110423W6


Digital mixing section :

TELOS same full digital performance and functionality of ONE.

Telephone Systems Group Switch Console:

Six lines enhanced call management features make it easier to talk shows and intuitive selection

Program to keep your selected audio input path audience waited air.

Call screening and conferencing capabilities , so ONE-x-Six perfect either in the air or recording environment.

Full implementation of the Switch Console special features.

Appears on six special function keys Switch Console:

Then select the ringing of the longest line. If no lines are ringing , select Save on the longest line .

Busy with the first press of this button , all the rows , neither use nor keep busy . Press a second time , busy lines will be discarded. One or more lines can be programmed to ” hotline” , and through this feature will not be affected.

Flash / new is mainly used with PBX or Centrex telephone line , you need flashing access. FLASH / new button can also be used to drop the line , i.e. , a line to hang up and get without going through the usual and OFF LINE button press sequence back dial tone on the selected row .

Recording mode enables the operator to easily start a tape recorder . To ready the recording mode, press the button again. Any LINE button is pressed, a next output interface module back on , or ONE-x-Six starts the recording device.

When the button is pressed , the recording is stopped , the closed direct interface output ONE-x-Six 1A2 interface module or on the back of the recording apparatus is stopped . You can choose to be assigned to another function , this button is off.

Delay / Dump User button to start the external profane delay , by closing the output of the direct interface to the back or 1A2 interface module or one six . You can choose to be assigned to another function , this button is off.



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