RODE PG2 double aperture handle shock mounts–FMUSER

RODE PG2 double aperture handle shock mounts


RODE PG2 collect design USES is with low noise, when users in the use of gun type (pointing) microphone recording, matching PG2 – use, hand support voice will not spread to the microphone.


RODE with two PG2 aperture (19-20 and 21 mm to 22.5 mm) of the microphone bearing accessories, it allows users to quickly unlock device simple quickly adjust mic placement Angle.


Wire management of the design is PG2 handle the characteristics of a good conductor can from hand in his, the wire end card nong (XLR) head can be fixed on the bottom, so that you can avoid clutter and noise of the wire.


RODE PG2 can be used in his hand, at the same time it can also be used on microphone long pole, connected to the microphone long rod nut is in the lower part of PG2.


Weight: 266 g

Stent length: 50 mm


Support microphone diameter: 19-20 mm and 21-22.5 mm (by changing the attached to the microphone support implementation)



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