Radio receiver Yamaha TX – 497 FM/AM radio receiver–FMUSER

Radio receiver Yamaha TX – 497 FM/AM radio receiver
Direct PLL pitch directly PLL – points of phase locked loop – pitch of large scale integrated circuit and microprocessor control if the count synthesizer tone system accurately lock radio frequency to super accurate pitch.Alpha circuit the absolute linear order offer excellent selective Duan Ruguo amplifier is a Yamaha developing circuit, interference rejection and phase linearity, and improve the channel separation, while maintaining extremely low harmonic distortion.By using the alpha circuit, TX – 497 provides better selectivity than other models in this price range.

Automatic station memory
A frequency counter will be automatically stored in memory presets 40 radio frequency with the strongest.
40 – STATION random access storage device is a tone
Automatic and preset edit command PLL FM stations memory if the count synthesizer tone absolute linear phase IFF amplifier circuit

Preset editor allows you to change your presets as you wish to organize their compound in 58 group.These groups to make it easy for family members to visit their favorite stations or music style, such as all And the compound, grouped together.Article 3 – WAY MULTI – STATUS memory frequency “automatically remembers you set for the morning or FM band, stereo or mono mode, and the frequency of the compound.Reduce resonance and vibration effect.

Specifications for YAMAHA TX – 497
RDS (Radio data system)
Picosecond pty, radioactive tracer, ct, eon & pty seek
Can FM sensitivity (German industrial standards)
Mono 0.9 uV stereo 24 uV
Two FM selective (signal)
70 db
Voices FM signal noise ratio (measure)
Mono 75 db stereo 70 db
The dimension
The Depth, Width: 435 mm Height: 86 mm to 278 mm
Net weight: 3.2 Kg


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