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NTI XL2 handheld acoustic tester

EXEL product line XL2 Analyzer is a cutting-edge high-end acoustic analyzers and powerful audio analyzer, the application contains a sound system installation verification , and broadcast live audio and ambient noise measurement studio , in addition to the audio analyzer designed to have a wide range of measurement functions , NTi Audio team has also developed a unique and intuitive user interface , and can be set based on user testing flexibility habits . XL2 inclusion of AL1 and ML1 all the features of audio analyzers , the instrument can by a built- in rechargeable Li-Po battery, you can also use ordinary batteries or an optional external power adapter. XL2 has a wide range of interfaces, data via USB, programmable I / O * serial ports , and wireless capabilities ( optional ) to connect the instrument to the computer.

XLR balanced output signal has a TEDS sensor , through his XL2 can automatically identify the NTi Audio measurement microphone type , model, and accuracy for quick setup and measurement. XL2 Another advantage is that it has the flexibility of the user interface. For advanced and basic users , according to different needs and applications , custom measurement display. Facilitate expert user can operate all the menus and settings, but for some applications , it may only need a simplified user interface, or restrict specific functionality can easily demonstrate to customers or to other users, in which case the XL2 can enable only the required functionality .

XL2 open architecture and user interface elements provide excellent expansion capability, so that in the future may XL2 With new standards and measurement options , to expand its own measurement functions .

SPL Analyzer

XL2 can simultaneously capture and record more than 60 pen data , including frequency weighting A, C or Z and time weighting F, S, I, peak Ieq *, E * and EQ. Timer with built-in real time clock function enables continuous measurement of a single cycle or repeat cycle.

XL2 in without changing the amp settings , can measure up to within the linear range of 105dB SPL . Measurement accuracy meets or exceeds IEC 61672-1, class 1 , and all 1 / 1 octave or 1/ 3 octave filters are in line with IEC 61260 class 1 standards.

The correction factor is measured according to DIN / IEC standards. XL2 also be expressed as a percentage * and TaktMax * indicates statistical distribution measurements in two forms , all of the collected sound pressure information can be saved to an SD card , you can also use voice notes or files with ADPCM compression waveform record .

Audio Analyzer

XL2 is a balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA containing the input audio analyzer that can display distortion (THD + N), level and frequency .

Design of low noise and distortion , which is difficult to see on a portable device , it ensures the lowest level measured up -115dBu, residual distortion of less than -100dBu. Advanced algorithms make even under extremely bad signal 10dB case , can still provide a stable and reliable signal frequency measurement residual loss in SNR can be built-in speaker and headphone listening ear .

Fast Fourier analyzer

Fast Fourier analysis to support real-time dynamic range on a full-band LEQ function within two ranges , it is an ideal tool to detect and narrowband comb filtering effects .

RT60 reverberation time analyzer

XL2 can be calculated from the measured simultaneously within 63Hz to 8kHz range , 8 octave attenuation processing capabilities. Automatically triggered by gated pink noise and the average multiple measurements , streamline operations and reduce measurement time.

Delay time

Calculate the electrical reference signal and a built- in microphone receives the delay time between signals . XL2 automatically displays the delay time , simplifying the verification delay line operation. Specified slip frequency test signals can be generated by a test disc or MR-PRO signal generator.

Speech intelligibility STI-PA analyzer ( optional )

STI-PA according to the latest IEC 60268-16:2006 standard algorithms to detect the language definition . NTi Audio STI-PA test signal can be provided by the test disc can also be provided by the MR-PRO or TalkBox.

Measurement results can be two units of STI or CIS display , comprising seven individual sound pressure frequency and modulation index for each frequency band .

Live sound and audio solutions

XL2 portable audio tester, includes not only the latest measurement functions help you to optimize all aspects of the system , the system can also help you comply with the latest environmental noise standards and regulations. XL2 designed hardware and algorithms fully comply with the demand level 1 . Feature List : SPL / LEQ analyzer can simultaneously display up to five test results of 1/ 3 octave or octave RTA all the measurements recorded in the built-in SD card waveform file

Record ( ADPCM compression encoding , stored on SD card * )

Use application projects, simplified and error-free operation . DIN 15905 standard measurement calibration factor real-time clock installed sound system , studio / broadcast station XL2 and optimized solutions to solve the robust functionality to provide contractors with a comprehensive set of audio engineers to install, maintain , debug audio types verification measurement tools. List of features : acoustic and electric capacity

Measurement analyzer function

Balanced signal input range from -115 dBu (1.4 μV) to 30dBu (25 V) Residual Distortion <-100 dB (0.001%) narrow-band real-time Fourier analysis from 10 Hz to 20 kHz octave reverberation time

RT60 measurement

Measuring the delay time measuring polarity built-in speaker speech intelligibility STI-PA measurement with automatic gain control , according to IEC 60268-16 ( optional )

Measurement Microphone

NTi Audio M- Series measurement microphone is powered by a 48V phantom power , and with TEDS sensor technology. TEDS can automatically identify XL2 microphone sensitivity , calibration and other TEDS- coding features microphone , that is

Enabled under phantom power required , you can also select the appropriate accuracy.

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