Italy EKA PLL/CST-3 250W LCD FM Transmitter–FMUSER

Italy EKA PLL/CST-3 250W LCD FM Transmitter


Phase-locked loop is a band FM transmitter 87.6-107.9MHZ lock .

In order to be compatible with any audio signal , the device provides four inputs.

Respectively input single multiplexed channel and right channel , the left channel composite signal multiplexed together and attached to two input signals .

Mono input includes a low pass filter , leaving the 20K-100KHZ signal attenuation than 15KHZ 30dB.

A threshold circuit for all input signal acts to prevent the maximum deviation is more than ± 75KHZ.

Phase-locked loop using a set of micro stepper controller 10K-100KHZ ‘s .

In addition to the frequency , but also does not allow the detection of a band set , the display frequency and the management and protection of the power end stage comprises a transistor amplifier, a power conditioner can reach 250W.

Rack , 3U high equipment designed to “19” in the rack , it can be removed to ensure that the internal structure of the panel , in order to accommodate the main power supply can select 220V or 110V.

Settings: If you need to provide the transmitter with stereo encoder .

1.2 Technical Specifications

RF output power of 5-250W

Output Interface N head

Output impedance 50Ω

Frequency range 87.6-107.9MHZ

Frequency programming step 10/100KHZ

Frequency error + /-500HZ

Modulation FM modulation

Harmonic Suppression meet or exceed FCC and CCIR standards

Modulation ability to meet or exceed FCC and CCIR standards

AM -fold induction noise ratio 60dB or better

Synchronous AM noise ratio of 50 dB or times better

General AC 220V ± 15% 50/60HZ

Power consumption 480VA

An area the size of 19 “x3U

Temperature -10-45 ℃

Sound pre-emphasis 50us (75us)

Complex operation ( stereo ) composite inputs 4 mono stereo , two additional channels

Composite signal input unbalanced BNC connectors

Composite signal input impedance 10KΩ

Composite signal input level 0dB (w)

SNR 68dB ( heavier ) 71 dB ( un-weighted )

Composite amplitude response <0.3 dB 30HZ-76KHZ

Harmonic distortion <0.2 dB

Intermodulation Distortion > 60dB

Isolation > 40 dB (30HZ-18HZ)

Additional 2-way unbalanced signal input

Additional input impedance 10KΩ

Additional input level 0 dBm

Additional input amplitude response of + / -0.5 dB 40KHz-100KHz

Mono Audio Input impedance 60Ω Operation balanced or unbalanced

Audio SNR 0dBm

FM signal to noise ratio > 74dB ( heavier )

Frequency response + /-0.5dB, 30HZ-15KHz

Total harmonic distortion <0.2dB

Intermodulation Distortion > 60dB


At the transmitter front panel has an LCD display device parameters, and four keys for parameter setting , set the transmit frequency and switching stereo encoder .

When you turn on the transmitter displays the following information :

Details , F2 and F3 to select the display transmitted and reflected power , emission frequency , device type, product name, and the left and right channel audio voltage.

F1 and F4 keys can be programmed mode , the operation is described as follows :

In order to change the transmission frequency to enter the programming mode, press the F1 and F4 to

Use F2 or F3 button to select “Output frequency ” option and confirm pressing F4. With F2 and F3 keys to set the new frequency.

Exit programming module , press F4 to make new settings, press the F1 key does not keep quit. To open or close the stereo module, then press F1 and F4 keys , then use the F2 or F3 to select ” Stereo Module” option. Confirm press F4.

“Open Stereo Module” or “off the stereo module ” with F2 or F3 to select , then press F4 to confirm. If the machine does not sound modules, this setting is invalid.

Under abnormal operating conditions , the same warning message is displayed , the details of the second line of the display :

1 . ” Transmit Power alarm ” in the case of output power greater than 250W

2 . ” Reflected Power Alarm” in the case of the reflected power greater than 30W

3 . ” Phase-Locked Loop failure alarm ” Should the loop failure

Simultaneously displaying the above information , the following situations:

1 . The maximum output power is limited to 250W

2 . Reflectivity will recognize the reflected power limit does not exceed 30W

3 . Work RF output module is inhibited

In the case of temperature alarm , “Temperature Alarm” LED will light up , the final stage will be suppressed.



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