Fmuser news about the fastest wireless transmit chip around the world, high speed data receive


News from foreign media reports, Korea Advanced Institute of Technology researchers have developed a new current wireless RF transceiver chip, using the 60GHz band, the data flow of up to 10mbps. At this rate means that users download a 4.7GB movie time spent just 3.76 seconds.

The research team said that the chip size is very small (high-4mm, width 6.6mm). In the past the need to replace the entire chip to perform multiple antennas to receive or transmit data tasks, largely beneficial to reduce the size of the entire chip design.

The person in charge of the project  (transliteration, Park Cheol Soon) said that the chip can be used in future smartphones and smart cameras, and because of the relatively low cost, it will be replaced in the future, or fiber optic cables.

For consumers, this means that future chip R & D network, or will no longer need to lay fiber or cable at home, just a few seconds to send and receive large data, this will be cooler and more convenient life.


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