FMUSER help Africa Togo build DVB-T2 digital TV Broadcast system with CAS

Fmuser  help the Republic of Togo in Afica build a DVB-T2 digital TV Broadcast system. fmuser provide a total solution, IRD,Encoder,MUX,Scrambler,DVB-T2 modulator,TV Transmitter,Stb, installation and  technical training.

The DVB-T2 digital TV Broadcast system use 4 frequency (474MHZ\498MHZ\610MHZ\618MHz) for carries 49 SD and HD programs.The Program source are form Satellite,local terrestrial,local Camera.The tower is 60 meters high.It use 4pcs 600w UHF transmitter for cover about 30km radius.It will be cover more than 300,000 population people.

Every one use a STB and a UHF yagi antenna can receive the high quality TV program. The system have a CAS and SMS software to help the owner of TV station to control which is free to air program ,and which program must to pay. The people only need to buy a scratch card and send the code by SMS of the phone to operators,pay the money ,the TV program with encryption will be open after a few seconds.

The system have 2 program design for the moving car. it use 16QAM modulation and help the car receive the program in 120km moving.

If you have any question about build UHF/MMDS Digital TV station, Please feel free to fmuser.

Email :[email protected] SKYPE:lanyue99991 Whatsapp :+86 13602420401 QQ:448122256

DVB-T2 Headend Solution



*  Cost efficient

*  Provide total solution—-Hardware & software

*  Professional installation & technical training

*  User Friendly– Easy management &maintenance

*  Extend program number & network distance easily.

*  After Sales Service thorough

Running system with 49 Programs in the Republic of Togo

3EEECN_20140728064147Setting up



Email :[email protected] SKYPE:lanyue99991 Whatsapp :+86 13602420401 QQ:448122256

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