Campus building program automatic broadcasting system

Campus building program automatic broadcasting system

Construction of the campus radio system, creating a variety of campus radio culture , promoting the teaching content, teaching methods , structure and reform education teaching mode , accelerate the construction of a modern education, and management tools to improve the quality of education has far-reaching significance. Through the construction of the campus radio culture , students must have a future social character, ability, thinking and behavior , not only the commanding heights of the reform of teaching mode , it is a comprehensive basis of improving the people’s quality standards .

Construction of the campus radio system for education services, to promote the modernization of school education services . Construction realities education needs and affordability , in the efficient application of the principle , strictly regulate the campus radio system for the current status of the construction of the campus radio systems and future trends, levels of education to meet the information needs and effectively epochal changes to education and teaching services for innovative education and teaching , providing flexible decision-making basis for the realization of the fundamental platform . A complete campus network, should play a secondary teacher preparation in teaching and student learning, educational management , administration, resource information , foreign exchange , etc., support functions , improve overall for all aspects of the school’s teaching, daily office management , internal and external communication , etc. , tangible support .

Campus and Campus Network Overview: The school is a new university campus in the new location of new major buildings include : a comprehensive building ( 10 floors , computer , voice and other specialized classrooms and offices , etc. ) , four school buildings ( 4 layer / Block , 8 classrooms / layer ) , a laboratory building ( 4 floors, 6 classrooms / layer ) , an activity center, a library ( 6th floor , about 600 square meters / layer ) , an art building ( 5 floors professional classrooms and offices ) , two canteens, a football field , four basketball courts, four tennis courts, seven student dormitory ( 4 layer / seat , apartment ) , seven teachers and campus dormitory . Campus Network include : campus computer network system ( Gigabit ) , two-way multimedia teaching system , TV monitoring systems and campus radio and broadcast systems.

I. Introduction to functional requirements

Campus public broadcasting control room set up at the event center room, a separate set of professional audio portion of the sound control room . Campus public address system shall be equipped with three sets of audio signals ( double deck , VCD machines , AM / FM tuner ) and rang the bell on campus between classes of software ; speakers mainly in the classroom, cafeteria , building , laboratory building , student dormitory , art building, public libraries, hallways and playgrounds green building and other places .

Campus broadcasting system as usual Listening broadcasting, music rang the bell , recess background music appreciation, automatic broadcasting use . If you want to play when the campus notification , radio personnel through a microphone , switch background music , then the system is in a state language broadcasts , to publish notice.

Campus radio system structure for schools to adopt a common and special radio features , combined with centralized and dispersed on campus , classrooms, Square, the hostel has a universal -type broadcast partition function ; against playground, activity center, conference hall dedicated audio systems, both part of the campus stadium public broadcasting function. System consists of three parts: the part of campus public broadcasting , professional audio portion and the conference hall playground professional audio section.

Second, the design basis and principles

1, the design principles

Depending on the nature of public broadcasting system , engineering design shall comply with the following principles:

⑴, to ensure system reliability
Distributed Distributed take control , to ensure the use of advanced equipment premise relatively mature technology as possible. Equipment and materials used in the country must go through quality inspection specialized agencies .

⑵, has a certain nature
If the completion of the system is likely to be eliminated in a few years , which is not only a great waste , and it is difficult to fully meet the needs of their work . So the design should take into account the flexibility of system upgrades and compatibility .

⑶, focusing on economic practicality
Under normal circumstances , the economy and advanced systems are always contradictory . Usually through a scientific comparison and analysis from multiple alternatives , the best price-performance solution selected . In addition, the design from reality , highlighting the fact function , avoid flashy, and minimize the total project cost .

⑷, taking into account the system ‘s ease of operation and maintenance
Easy to operate and maintain a system for improving the work efficiency, reduce human input and reduce maintenance costs and improve overall system performance and low cost plays an important role .

Third, the system features

1 , System Overview
Campus intelligent digital cable broadcasting system is the company carefully developed applications for schools , there are two designs , one for the economy , one for luxury . In the main control system of intelligent control to achieve radio program aired , breaking the limitations of traditional cable broadcast only on the entire classroom of public broadcasting , any classroom can be grouped broadcast ; luxury fiber transmission scheme can also be used.

2, the system features

⑴, total net transfers
The system uses FM radio transmission technology , making the campus intelligent digital cable television broadcasting system with teaching campus cable transmission system to achieve the best results in more than one network .

⑵, multiple sets of programs broadcast packet
Eight sets of digital radio programs broadcast simultaneously achieve front , addressing the main control room can be arbitrarily set within a campus with a radio receiver control point ( classrooms, restaurants, offices , etc. ) to achieve the broadcast content and programming as well as the source of arbitrary choice select the operating state .

⑶, intelligent automatic playback
You can broadcast material ( eg pre-class music, calisthenics programs, music ringtones and other content ) compression to broadcast the host computer , the broadcast program at a predetermined time , it will replace the existing electric bell . One week can be set to seven sets of programs ( can be different every day ) , you can set a daily schedule of hundreds of items, each item song length of any schedule set from one second to the whole song, from one to dozens of song, meet a variety of play control needs.

⑷, anytime spots
May at any time notify spots and music according to the special needs school activities to make timely adjustments to the arrangements .

⑸, friendly interface
For school characteristics: software support WAV, MP3, MIDI and other popular music file formats , the music library containing more than the first popular music school , and can easily call an external music files.

⑹, Wumart quality
System frets outdoor and indoor radio boxes designed according to the characteristics of the school , by professional manufacturers , its appearance and sound quality is better than the general market products used .

3 , system theory
Campus intelligent digital cable broadcasting system is modulated by the audio broadcast technology and digital communication control technology combined with the product. After the audio signal modulated RF modulator into a wired closed circuit television networks , radio networks and television networks to achieve the combined effect ( using 75 ohm coaxial cable or other systems , simplifying installation cost of the project ) . Various regions controlled by the host computer terminal receiver program selection , the realization of any of the regional grouping ‘s broadcast .

Fourth, the system processes instructions

1, the system functional components

⑴, background music function
Optionally from the AM / FM tuner , VCD player or other audio device double deck all the way to play it.

⑵, business radio function
Radio stations can call the control room for any classroom or office bearer service broadcasting , notification.

; ⑶, regular radio function
The software can be programmed by the host computer to broadcast the contents of the specified arbitrary area in a specific period of time. If auto-play at the specified time broadcasting gymnastics, eye exercises, the class ring tones and other content .

2, the system structure and composition

⑴, audio part
Program with a double deck , CD, AM-FM tuner and other audio equipment in the engine room of the three . Cd piece by playing the tape and in the engine room , the background music can be played .

⑵, the control section
The initial user settings control system via a PC host interface , music input module can simultaneously access eight sources. Through the system operating software , can be named for each area , zoning , distribution source , set the partition timed broadcast , zoning control. The system according to claim 233 is divided into areas, each area of the system can be broadcast separately , or can be any combination of the broadcast area . Modulation and the brightest source in the frequency of the RF modulator and then transmitted through the coaxial cable to the 75 Euro each terminal receiver. The control signal for each terminator , COM port transfer to the host PC via an RF modulator to complete the port transmission mode conversion by 8-core cable to a terminal device .

⑶, the terminal receiving portion
Have set up a terminal receiver in each region , which through 8 core cable receiving host the region responsible for various control signals and broadcasting through the decoding device to achieve the opening of the terminal and the 75V signal coaxial cable solution after adjusting the audio signal to the speakers or an external amplifier expansion in the region . Set the volume control in each broadcast terminal , the user can according to the actual needs of their self-regulation by remote classroom speaker volume. Because the size of the partition area and other outdoor big, so the audio signal output of the receiver in the corresponding region of the combined amplifier terminal port affixed to meet the power requirements of the corresponding region . These sites are mainly concentrated in the soccer field , basketball courts, activity center , tennis courts and a campus of the configuration output power of 600W PAI-600 integrated amplifier 2 and 360W of PAI-360 integrated amplifier 3 units , ensure that the system has sufficient power meet the needs of the districts .

⑷, speaker configuration
Wall Speaker System configuration of 680 , grassland horn 20 to ensure that each classroom , each region can clearly listen to the content broadcast.

⑸, other parts
Optional 1.8 -meter-high , 19-inch standard radio cabinet.

Fifth, the selection of equipment

A reasonable selection and configuration of speakers
Sound field in the effective coverage area , the sensitivity (SPL) should not be less than 75dB.

Interior ceilings are often used in ceiling speaker ( power : 3Wrms) or wall-mounted speakers ( power : 3Wrms, 5Wrms, 15Wrms), in the ceiling area should choose the former , not the latter choice of ceiling area .

Ceiling Speaker coverage area of about 50 square meters , 10-15m long, narrow corridor set an ordinary classroom setting 1-2 only .

3-5Wrms speaker coverage area of about 60-100 square meters, narrow corridor set up a 15-20m , a regular classroom setting .

Should use weather waterproof outdoor speakers or frets , taking into account the surrounding lawn, green , fountain , water , rockery , lamps and other coordinated foil , should use the grass courtyard and simulation of acoustic column speakers ( such as: grinding simulation Ru , stumps, stones, animals, etc. ) .

Outdoor speakers should be based on the layout area of the field needs to be broadcast to select the power and number , reference may SPL = S +101 gP-201gL consideration. (S: Speaker sensitivity , P: speaker rms power , L: Effective distance ) .

2 , the rational allocation of the power amplifier
Considering the broadcast zoning flexibility to play and ultimately matrix system reliability and other factors, should adopt the low-power multi- mode configuration , ie a zone a terminator mode .

Distribution and alignments from the speakers , with the actual use of broadcast partition ( see table below ) . From the actual use of each building features considered to determine the broadcast area , the same or similar to a broadcast area .

While some regions need to use a terminator power can not be provided, plus access can be used for power amplifier merge append to meet the power requirements of the area . When you configure the amplifier , follow the load power amplifier power is not greater than the principle can be, but the constant pressure values consistent with the speaker and amplifier , power amplifier using 360Wrms, 600Wrms.

4 , the receiver terminal RPA-215
FM demodulation of the RF input signal with a wireless remote volume control , built-in 2 × 15W amplifier , two line of output , programmable 255 network address.

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