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JBL unique second generation RMCTM Room Mode Correction technology specifically designed to solve this problem. In each LSR4300 Series monitors are equipped with powerful computing processors can automatically analyze the frequency response of your room, and through precise low frequency error filter insert compensation listening space, so that the low-frequency signal reaches the mix position having a desired frequency response. Because of this, LSR4300 series can be “beyond accurate” to help you to eliminate the guess work of uncertainty can mix to create reliable in any environment exchange. In addition, RMC system can fine-tune the level of each speaker to compensate for the speaker to the mix position relative distance differences to ensure a balanced mix.



Custom designed especially for the sensor to send a clean , crisp sound. LSR4328P has an 8-inch low-frequency cone , LSR4326P provide 6.25 inches bass, two models are equipped with one inch speaker soft dome high frequency transducer . All sensors are self- shielded, neodymium motor structure can be adapted to the transient response and the occasional power used.

Advanced front-panel user interface control system functions , such as volume , input selection, user EQ and EQ presets , RMC calibration and bypass , solo single speaker , headers and buttons to adjust the brightness .

In the mix position measurement , continuous front panel meter displays the output level , in units of dBFS, could be used as a visual reference to the speaker output .

In the limited space , the situation can not use the speaker stand when the body’s own speaker mounting points can be wall-mounted speakers .

?Speaker with a concave side armrest , convenient speaker positioning and handling.


Equipment Specifications
( Unless otherwise noted, all parameters apply LSR4328P and LSR4326P)
Frequency Response (+ /-1.5dB) 50Hz-20kHz (LSR4328P)
55Hz-20kHz (LSR4326P)
Cabinet resonance frequency 41Hz (LSR4328P)
52Hz (LSR4326P)
Low frequency extension set to the default user control
-3dB 43Hz-22kHz (LSR4328P)
47Hz-22kHz (LSR4326P)
-10dB 35Hz-32kHz (LSR4328P)
39Hz-32kHz (LSR4326P)
Low – frequency dividing digital divide : 2.6k 4th order BW LF / 4th order BW HF (LSR4328P)
Digital Divide : 2.8k 4th order BW LF / 2nd order BW HF (LSR4326P)
Distortion , 96dB SPL,
1m: high frequency
(200Hz-20kHz) 2 harmonic : < 0.4%
3rd harmonic : <0.3%
Low frequencies (<200Hz) 2 harmonic : <1.5% (LSR4328P)
<0.8% (LSR4326P)
3rd harmonic : <0.7% (LSR4328P)
<1.4% (LSR4326P)
Maximum continuous SPL 106dB/1m
Maximum peak SPL 112dB/1m
Maximum peak SPL per pair 118dB SPL/1m
LF Model 438H (LSR4328P)
436H (LSR4326P)
Diameter of 203 mm (8 in) (LSR4328P)
159 mm (6.25 in) (LSR4326P)
Coil 2 “(51 mm) (LSR4328P)
1.5 “(38 mm) (LSR4326P)
Neodymium magnet type
Polymer coated paper cone type fibers
8 ohms impedance
High-frequency model 431G
Diameter of 25mm (1in) diaphragm
Coil 1” (25mm)
Neodymium magnet type , the overall heat sink cover
Soft dome diaphragm type
Other features oval similar spherical waveguide
Impedance of 4 ohms
LF topological A-B class monolithic
Sine wave power ratio 150w ( rated impedance of <0.1% THD)
THD + N, 1/2 power <0.02%
High-frequency topology monolithic class A-B
Sine wave power ratio 70w ( the nominal impedance of <0.1% THD)
THD + N, 1/2 power <0.02%
AC input voltage 115VAC, 60Hz (230VAC, 50 Hz – Model LSR4328P/230 and LSR4326P/230)
IEC AC input connector
Autogenous noise level <13 dBA / 1 m tonal artifact-free noise floor
1/8th power than 13w (LSR4326P), 18w (LSR4328P)
Full load power ( 100 hours , IEC pink noise , 6dB crest factor ) 58w IEC pink noise only the low-frequency channel
Rated power exchanges in the 1/8th power IEC pink noise , 60w
Maximum current exchange at maximum power output ( audio ) 120VACE line2.2A
Fuse values ??5A, 250VAC, Time Delay (LSR4328P, LSR4326P)
2.5A, 250VAC, Time Delay (LSR4328P/230, LSR4326P/230)
The input and output
Enter an optional XLR +4 dBu/-10dBV; Input impedance 10K. Forward voltage is applied to the XLR pin 2 produces outward bass movement.
1 /4 inch TRS balanced or unbalanced inputs , selectable +4 dBu/-10dBV; Input impedance 20K. Applied to the 1/ 4 ” ” sharp” forward voltage produces outward bass movement.
AD conversion 96kHz, 24Bit, 64x oversampling
Input sensitivity calibration , analog XLR and 1/4” +4 dBu: 94dB SPL/1m
-10dBV: 94dB SPL/1m
XLR input AES / EBU (IEC60958)
XLR output AES / EBU (IEC60958)
RCA input S / PDIF (EIAJ CP1201)
RCA output S / PDIF (EIAJ CP1201)
Digital input sampling rate 96k Hz, 88.2 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz Tolerance : + / – 3%
Digital input word lengths 24Bit
RMC microphone input ( using only the supplied microphone ) 1/8” TRS
Enter the network connection RJ45 , RJ45 output
HiQnet protocol network protocol , using the RS485
Computer Interface USB Type1
User Control
Front panel controls ON, SOLO, RMC, EQ ON, LF, HF, PRESET, INPUT, + / –
RMC function starts , a bypass
RMC Filter Range 20Hz-160Hz frequency between 73 points (1/24th octave ), Q value of the variable from 1 ( 1.4 octave bandwidth ) to 16 (1/11th octave bandwidth , attenuation from 3 ~ 12dB)
LF EQ factory default : 500Hz self-shielded , + /-2dB, 1/4dB increments. Accessibility between 19.7Hz ~ 1kHz 137 opposite corner frequency by LSR4300 Control Center Software .
HF EQ factory default : 2kHz self-shielded , + /-2dB, 1/4dB increments. Accessibility between 1kHz ~ 20.2kHz 104 opposite corner frequency by LSR4300 Control Center Software .
1-6 default factory / user presets plus NULL. Can only be invoked. LSR4300 Control Center software can be used to save .
Analog input selection (XLR/1/4”)
+ / – Default : System Volume Control : 0dB to ∞ dB secondary function: the function selected increment / decrement
Rear panel control input sensitivity +4 dBU/-10dBV
8 speakers ID DIP switches Left, Right, Center, Left Surround, Right Surround, Center Surround, Left Extra, Right Extra
The front panel display 31 segment LED dBFS display and setting instructions
The front panel header -70dBFS ~ 0dBFS + clipping
Back panel display indicates the speaker ID selection 5LED
Color dark graphite color
Handle two embedded set on both sides
Install four threaded mounting points meets the industry standard square , 107.9mm x 50.8mm (4 1/4” x 2”) M6 metric thread
Low-frequency linear dynamic diversion mouth opening hole back
Soundproof structure model structure ABS incident
Box structure 19mm (3/4in) MDF
Weight 5 kg (32.5 lbs) (LSR4328P)
13 kg (28.5 lbs) (LSR4326P)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 267 mm x 438 mm x 269 mm (10.5 “x 17.25” D x 10.6 “) (LSR4328P)
236 mm x 387 mm x 262 mm (9.3 “x 15.25” x 10.3 “) (LSR4326P)

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