5110/5110E delete profane language is a delay , a local radio broadcast regulations must be controlled not with profane language , when broadcast live guests , all guests must pass Bel 5110/5110E dialogue signals delay device , so that you can safely control the site guests dialogue , avoiding profane language outside broadcasts.


Delay statistical manual mode ; When the device is set seven seconds delay ; GPI trigger and seven seconds to delete content immediately. Automatic mode ; 7 seconds of delay distribution will be in the range of 2 minutes 7 seconds Experience tells us to be able to prevent the desecration of language delay tease leaked ideal festival time limit. If seven seconds does not meet the requirements , you can choose 5110E models, which can be incremented every 2.5 seconds for the unit , set from 2.5 seconds to 40 seconds delay. When cart mode , insert the signal can cover the outer part of profane language , safety broadcast.


Audio input: electronically balanced input drunk level: the highest level of internal choice


Frequency Input impedance : 25kΩ


Audio Output : Electronic balance


Audio output level : the highest level of internal choice


Audio Output Impedance : 50Ω


Conversion: 24-bit Sigma Delta, 64 x oversampling


Frequency response : 20Hz to 20kHz ± 1dB


Dynamic range : 120dB


Distortion: Less than 0.015% in 8dBm/1kHz


Delay time: 5110 7 seconds 5110E 2.5秒至40秒


Cart Interface: point of contact open / short / tally


Power requirements :90-260 VAC 50/60Hz


Total electricity are consumed : 35W


Dimensions: 483 x 200 wide x 44 deep high (1U)


Weight : 3.05KG

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