AEQ ARROW 50T transmitter–FMUAER

AEQ ARROW 50T transmitter


AEQ ARROW 50T transmitter power of 30 watts and 16 selectable operating frequency, the frequency spectrum according to specified operating criteria of each country.


AEQ ARROW 50T switchable power supply is a high monomer has a very low heat dissipation. This ensures the safety of the operation, when the user is free to choose to get the power supply voltage, supply voltage from 90V to 220V between, or to obtain a 12V DC power through the interface.


Mike AEQ ARROW 50T with optional adjustable gain / line audio input. It has three LED display area, respectively, show the reflected power, sending power and audio input level. It is these features make this device even with high stability without losing sound quality. “Silenzo” noise reduction system is a unique feature of our products; It combines high-end variable gain cell.


The device can be placed on a 19-inch rack. By the D-SUB interface to the PC to set its operating frequency.


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