9018 single-tube FM transmitter circuit

9018 single-tube FM transmitter circuit

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9018 is a high-frequency low-power transistor, an NPN silicon material, it’s characteristics frequency fT up to 1.1GHz, suitable for FM transmitter transistor. 9018 specific parameters is: 9018 transistor parameters, pinout

The figure below shows 9018 single-tube FM transmitter circuit, simple circuit structure suit for electronics enthusiast’s          experiment and general temporarily apply. As can be seen from the  circuit, which is typical capacitance three-point oscillator, and  9018 is not specific emission triode circuit work may appear to some extent, frequency drift, the greater the more serious operating current frequency drift.

Inductance coil with φ1mm enameled wire cover around 6-8 laps on φ32mm drill, can cover 88-108MHz FM broadcast band, easy for FM radio reception. Adjust the tightness of the coil, the transmitter’s frequency can be changed. The transmitter circuit in open ground   can transmit reach range up to 100 meters (whip antenna).


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