Broadcast Antennas

Broadcast Antennas

The FM radio frequency band within Australia is VHF 87.5-108.5MHz, all analogue FM radio stations around Australia will be within this frequency band.
The FM frequency wave is quite large in comparison to a UHF or Microwave frequency wave, this allows the wave to travel long distances and over/around obstacles.
With the advancement in FM radio technology, more information including radio station name, song title and artist, and automatic changing to traffic reports can be broadcast.
All fmuser’FM Radio broadcast antennas are tuned to better than 1.2:1 VSWR which is the minimal requirement for broadcasting antennas, ensuring the efficiency of your transmission system.

The radiation pattern, maximum bandwidth and gain capabilities do vary significantly between antenna types. Our team of RF Solutions Consultants are always available to personally assist you in selecting the very best Broadcast Solution available for your particular application.

fmuser’s broadcast section incorporates DAB+ Radio, FM Radio,Television both Digital and Analogue and UHF STL Grid Packs. fmuser prides itself on supplying high quality low to medium powered broadcast solutions both domestically and internationally.

fmuser’’s range of broadcast solutions are intended for implementation into either pressurised or non-pressurised broadcast systems using N-type series, 7/16” DIN series or EIA range of terminations


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