Describe of Fmuser 5WT 199w mini Digital HF Band SWR Power Meter

Describe of 5WT 199w mini Digital HF Band SWR Power Meter electronic meter


Max. Power 199w
V.S.W.R. 1.00~19.9
Frequency range 1.6MHZ~60MHZ
Insertion loss <0.1db
Temperature 0~70
Battery 3 x aaa type battery
Size 66*68*37(mm)
Interface UHF–KF (SL16,SO239,M)
Weight <260g


Battery installation: Remove 4 black round screws on the corner of back cover and open it. Install 3 AAA batteries. BE CAUTIOUS to the polarities. Put the cover on and fasten the screws. Improper installation of back voce will cause error on U-Band measurement!!

Connect the Output of your transceiver to “TX” and Antenna or Load to “ANT”.

NOTE: UV-Band meter utilize “N” type connectors; and”SL16″ connectors (normally named “M” connecter) for HF-Band. Proper adaptor/cable is required if your device has different type of connectors.

Press the red button to power on. After 2 seconds of LCD self test, it’s ready for normal measurement.

UV-Band meter will display in sequence:”+ XXX P” (pass through power),”- XXX P” (feed back power),” XXX Γ” (SWR value), 2 seconds display for each mode. Press the red button will hold the current display. Press it again to continue the display.

Under the environment of night or weak illumination, just press and hold the red button for 1 second to turn the blue back light on. Press and hold the red button for 1 second again to turn it off.

8 minutes after no power was measured, it will power off automatically. Press and hold the red button for 2 seconds to turn off manually.

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