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FMUSER-FSN-FMT 80W 150W 300W 600W RDS FM Transmitter Software Download&Software Using Manual

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  1. Rick Wesley 2013/02/27 at 03:55:33

    I am interested in the 300 RDS transmitter and would like a manual, to find out about replacement tube. Also the manual for Circular antenna.

    • admin 2013/02/27 at 09:34:35

      Hello friend
      we have the RDS 80W 150W 300W 600W .Welcome to have an order .After you pay for it I will send the manual to u .my email is [email protected]

  2. cahit demircan 2013/02/28 at 22:26:09

    hello. 300 fsn required for the software. thank you very much

    • admin 2013/03/01 at 09:44:28

      hello friend
      you bid it in my website?
      what is your email address?

  3. FOTIE Germain 2013/05/18 at 13:53:01

    bonjour a vous je souhaite avoir une proformat pour un emeteur fm de 1000w avec son systeme d’antenne

    • admin 2013/05/23 at 08:59:51

      hello friend

      1000w will transmit more than 30km.which mode l do you perfer?


  4. Fathi 2013/12/23 at 12:03:54

    I have a 300W transmitter, I got it from ebay
    it has the serial no. WARNER RF 2013 SN:8800001275
    when I install it for the 1st time
    it show a problem with reflected power and then start the warning
    it will never exceed 25W and the reflected P will rise immediately to 11W.
    I have changed the cable, antenna, and finally used a dummy load, still facing the same problem
    It came without manual or drawings, now I am stranded and cant use it

    5v is green
    12v is wellow
    vcc is red

    please help, this is a sample and I want to buy more

    • admin 2013/12/31 at 10:36:14

      Hello friend
      I think the problem is the antenna .you could change another antenna for a try 。

      Best Regards