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FMT 3.0 80W 150W 350W 600W 1000W Manual

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  1. aime 2019/02/01 at 05:35:53

    mon emetteur viens d’ecrire [erreur 0176] contact service moment ou je l’allume maintennent je manque quoi est du marque FMUSER

  2. Oscar Ivan Caicedo 2019/02/13 at 05:07:57

    compre un kit pcb de 300 watss fm y ase un mes no da salida de RF todos los componentes estan correctos
    solicito manual de servicio para progamarlo y mirar el defecto quiero comprar dos kit mas para ensamblar
    Cali Colombia

  3. Javier Sevilla 2019/04/26 at 18:50:35

    gracias por permitir obtener manual.
    saludes desde nicaragua

  4. adriko joe collins 2019/09/03 at 07:42:34

    Service manual for 1000w transmitter

  5. ANDRES RODRIGUEZ 2019/09/07 at 07:35:48

    Hi, My friend few months ago, Hi buy one transmitter from your company they work fine to yesterday, now the touchscreen is off and not working, the fans is working but no sound in the air.

    • admin 2019/10/10 at 06:25:15


      Could you click the help on my first page? Our engineer will find the problem for you .

  6. Tedd W. Dumas 2019/11/08 at 22:13:20

    Enter your inquiry details
    How do I get a manual for a FMT 600, I have one that every time it has a power failure, it has to be manually restarted.

    • admin 2019/11/13 at 01:41:55


      The manual is in common used for FMT3.0 Transmitter


  7. Pedro 2019/11/20 at 02:14:19

    Tengo un trasmisión de 150W y presenta problemas en la configuración, se frísa cuando entro en el menú de opciones para la configuración

    • admin 2019/11/20 at 08:17:55


      Could you send the pictures how you build the transmitter to my email [email protected] ?

  8. Jethro 2020/01/30 at 17:40:22

    we avons an serious problem his password of password chang we on to forgot.

    • admin 2020/02/03 at 08:38:00


  9. RL Alabanzas 2020/06/04 at 11:12:02

    Can i ask for the diagram of FMT3.0?
    God bless