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FMUSER-CZH-CZE-T251 Fmuser 25w FM Transmitter Manual

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  1. melchor lopez 2013/04/13 at 20:06:46

    i am a customer of mexico, I have problems with this equipment:-T251 CZH 25w FM, could send me the manual .. thanks

  2. Deen Attan 2014/03/19 at 05:57:58

    My enduser interested with this product CZE-T251.
    Please quote price and shipping to Indonesia.

    Thank you.


    Deen Attan
    Bintang Ledang Enterprise
    C/O RS37 Jalan Hashim
    84000 Muar

  3. Ian Worby 2014/07/21 at 10:26:19


    I have your CZE 25 FM TX and GP 1/4 wave anttenna

    when I set to 25 watts I get only 8.s watts DET
    or PO. I have checked cable is secure, correct antenna tip is being used
    for frequency and swr is at different settings but still not getting full
    25 watts output.

    what is wrong?

    Thank you.

    Ian Worby
    UCB Australia

    • admin 2014/07/23 at 02:18:48

      Hello friend

      Could u check the frequency of antenna?It must match the frequency of the transmitter you use.

      If you have any question ,pls feel free to contact me .my email is [email protected]

      Best Regards

  4. Brandon 2016/12/31 at 21:58:13

    i have one of your transmitters the CZE-T251 had for about two months put it up grounded antenna worked excellent then it stopped workin says swr is 9.9 we bought new replacement antenna and coax and still says same thing what could be wrong with it

    • admin 2017/01/10 at 02:41:18

      Dear friend

      The antenna must be put higher . And frequency of antenna must match the frequency of transmitter.


  5. PANOS 2017/02/20 at 13:22:34

    CZE-T251 has Echo like CZE-15B?
    it’s important to me.
    I have already CZE-15B and I want
    bye also CZE-T251
    Thanks in advance
    TEL. 00306983005370

    • admin 2017/02/22 at 09:44:44

      Dear friend,
      They are different.The power for the 25w could be adjustable and cover farther.
      Wlcome to bid the 25w transmitter.


  6. Richard Silakau 2018/06/19 at 04:36:19

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Could you kindly provide information on accessing a CZE-T251 via the RS232 port.
    I would like to what control functions are available using this port.

    Kind Regards,
    Richard Silakau

  7. Wolf Jarl 2021/03/07 at 10:10:18

    I am a new owner of the CZE-T251 and very happy with my purchase. I am wondering however as to the RS232 communications port and what applications it might have, along with any software required to implement it. I am uable to find much about its function.

    Thanking you kindly in advance.