Why you need to build fm radio station with rds?

RDS provides a digital channel for ordinary FM radio stations, allowing the radio to provide users with more features, including the following illustrations:

Fmuser-Rds-A-Encoder-Radio-Station-Transmitter (4)

For more information on RDS features, here’s an introduction to Wikipedia:


The most important features is AF, TA, TP, it help FM radio station do more…

a)     RDS Traffic Announcement (TA) :

RDS-AEncoder1 (6) RDS-AEncoder1 (5)

The severing of the increased busy traffic, it is now interested in various countries in Africa to insert RDS signals when constructing a transmitting station, so as to realize the most economical broadcast of some traffic information by means of coverage of FM signals.

b)     Traffic Program (TP):

With the TA and TP functions of RDS, RDS helps radio in-vehicle users to obtain traffic information faster, reduce congestion in the city, and increase the listening rate of the radio station.

c)     Alternative Frequency(AF):

RDS AF help drivers automatic frequency switching between the Relay stations.

Inserting the RDS signal in the transmitter can also automatically switch between multiple different frequency broadcasts in the same program. The receiver automatically switches the substitute frequency AF by detecting the PI code in the RDS signal to ensure that multiple relay stations are passed. Broadcast stations that achieve nationwide coverage achieve seamless coverage and seamless listening. When the car passes the signal superposition zone between the two frequencies, the AF function of the RDS will automatically switch to the same program at different frequencies.

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