How long does the FM transmitter brodcast?

The distance of the transmitter broadcast depens on many factors . The main factor is the environment.

Here is the example of our Customer from Canada use our 0.5W FM transmitter.

Hello Tomlee, I purchased the czh-05b from I have the 1/4 wave ground plane mounted 3m above my roof. I am surrounded by mountains, and my station is in a valley next to the kootenay river in nelson bc canada. It is rural with just about five commercial radio stations. I had grown tired of hearing the same music every day, so with help, I compiled 3000 good songs that are stored on a 16gb sd card, and played at random on an mp3 player connected to the transmitter. I did hope to get at least 2km clear signal, but I have 7km clear, then it weakens and stops around 14km. It is on 24-7, and the chances of hearing the same song twice, would be like winning the lottery. If you can use anymore information, I am happy to help.

I recieved the 500mw transmitter you sent me. I am very impressed with the product. Using a 1/4 wave groundplane antenna, I am transmitting a clear and unbroken stereo broadcast for 7km radius. With my car pointed in the right direction and stationary, I am receiving a clear signal up to 13km. Very impressive……Richard.

You have my permission to use this in your reviews, I give it a good five stars friend.