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FMUSER FM Broadcast Relay Station Radio Relay Repeater Set Model:FSN-1000R


fm radio relay repeater Broacasting System Connection



FSN-1000R FM radio relay repeater is the latest product developed by FMUSER in 2019. The all-in-one product includes digital demodulation, digital processing and modulation, RF power amplifier, power supply, all modules in a 2U standard chassis, all signals both input and output from the rear panel.

FSN-1000R FM radio relay system includes receiving antenna,FSN-1000R FM radio relay repeater, transmitting antenna, connecting cables and connectors. The FM signal can be received by the receiving antenna, the FSN-1000R FM relay repeater will do demodulates, processes, modulates, RF amplifies, and the transmitting antenna can directly broadcast again , this system can meet the needs of various occasions.

Many users also call it as local: fm relay station, broadcast relay station, relay transmitter, complementary station, broadcast translator, repeater, re-broadcaster.


How to expand my fm transmitter coverage , if you already have a radio station, ?

You can use the FMUSER FSN-1000R FM radio relay system to receive the FM signal of the main station and broadcast it again at the new station. The power of the FNS-1000R relay broadcasting system transmitter is 1KW, so the coverage of 50KM can be increased for each additional station. And the source of the studio program is exactly the same as the main station.

fm radio relay repeater2


How to re-broadcast your own  station to whole country of 100KM-200KM with a limited budget?

The same principle is as above, five sets of FMUSER FSN-1000R relay broadcasting system can meet the demand, and reduce the waste of signal coverage in the unmanned area, only need to be placed in a densely populated place.

fm radio relay repeater


200KM FM Radio Station Diagram

How to transfer the studio audio to the transmitter?

As we all know, STL can achieve this function, but STL must be accessible point-to-point transmission. If there is a mountain or other obstacles in between, you can use FM Transmitter to broadcast the audio from studio to transmitter, because the FM RF signal can be bypassed, and finally the FMUSER FSN-1000R repeater can receive high quality audio from the studio.


How to transfer studio source to transmitter stations in different locations?

STL can only be point to-point. If there is a one-to-many point, multiple sets of STL systems must be used, and the price is high, the installation is troublesome, and it is seriously affected by the environment. Now we only need to install the FMUSER FSN-1000R relay broadcasting system at different transmitter sites, which solves the problem of program transmission and also solves the problem of broadcasting stations, because FMUSER FSN-1000R is not only a receiver but also a broadcaster.

fm radio relay repeater Application

In short, FMUSER is always working on the most economical, stable and reliable system solutions to solve customers’ problems in broadcasting.

The FMUSER FSN-1000R relay system has many other main features as follows:


1. Adopt digital FM receiving and demodulating technology to ensure clear demodulation sound quality.

2. Using FPGA+DDS technology to implement full digital FM modulation technology, so that the FM emission index reaches the top level.

3. Using high reliability ARM architecture microprocessor technology as the main controller.

4. Support input of wireless RF receiving audio, two AES/EBU digital audio signals, one analog stereo audio and one MPX stereo composite signal, etc.

5. Support one way RDS or SCA input.

6. AGC controls output power to ensure zero deviation of output power.

7. Perfect over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, over-power, standing wave ratio alarm and protection function.

8. Using OLED to display working parameters in real time.

9. Use high-gain directional FM receiving antenna to receive signals (even the signal is very weak ) and and re-broadcast .

10. Re-broadcast power up to 1000W, with high gain dipole antenna, cover radius up to 50KM.



FSN-1000R FM Radio Reapter Schematic









1. Customers who has a main radio station and want expand coverage.

2. Make up coverage in mountainous areas.

3. Limited budget to expand coverage of the radio station.

4. 100KM or 200KM coverage , even for whole country coverage.

5. 360 degree omnidirectional transmission studio program. 

6. There are obstacles between the studio and the main radio station.



1. FMUSER FSN-1000R FM relay repeater

FNS-1000R FM Radio Repeater

FM receiving frequency range

76MHz ~ 108MHz, stepping 10kHz (can be customized other frequencies)

FM transmission frequency range

87MHz ~ 108MHz, stepping 10kHz (can be customized other frequencies)

Carrier frequency deviation


Output Power

0~1000W continuously adjustable (other power can be customized)

Output power stability

<±3% (ambient temperature -10 °C to +45 °C)

RF output impedance


RF output connector

L27-50K (can be customized other connectors)

In-band residual wave

  < -85dBc

Higher harmonic

< -80dBc

Parasitic amplitude modulation

< -60dB

Analog audio input impedance

600Ω, balanced card

Analog audio input level

-15dBm to +15dBm

AES/EBU input impedance

110Ω, balance card

AES/EBU input level

-60dBFS to 0dBFS

MPX input impedance

10KΩ, unbalanced BNC

MPX input level

-15dBm to +15dBm

Audio level gain

-15dB~+15dB step 0.1dB

RDS/SCA input

Unbalanced BNC

Audio pre-emphasis

0μs/25μs /50μs/75μs optional

Stereo signal to noise ratio

≥92dB, 1KHz, 100% modulation

Total harmonic distortion

<0.02%, 30Hz~15000Hz

Audio frequency response

±0.01dB, no weighting, no weighting; ±0.05dB, weighting and weight removal

Stereo resolution

≥73dB, 30Hz~15000Hz

Left and right channel level difference

<0.02dB (100% modulation)

19KHz/MPX output impedance

600Ω, unbalanced BNC

19KHz/MPX output level

-15dBm to +15dBm

Heat dissipation method

Forced convection


AC90V~AC265V 47Hz~63Hz

Operating temperature

-10 ° C ~ +45 ° C, no condensation

Chassis size

19 inches, 2U (500mm × 484mm × 88mm)

Total Weight














2. FMUSER FU-DV2 Broadcast Antenna

Dipole Antenna

Frequency range

87.5-108 MHz

Input Impedance

50 ohm


EIA flange according to system power rating


<=1.3:1 MAX




according to requirement

Horizontal Pattern

Any type according to the customer requirement

Vertical Pattern

Null fill, beam tilt and special requirements on demand

Other Facilities

The antenna system can be supplied in split feed with two equal half antennas, each half can accept full power




5kg with hard ware mounting

Wind surface


Wind load

9.8kg(wind speed at 160km/h-without radome )

Max wind velocity


Wind load

9.8kg(wind speed at 160km/h-without radome )

Max wind velocity


Materials: External parts

Aluminum anticorodal

Internal parts


Height of array

Subject to number of bays(refer to table)

Package Volume weight


Packing Size



3. FMUSER FM Receiving Antenna

Receiving Yagi Antenna


Frequency Range

88-108 MHz

input resistance


Interface form

F-J male (English)

Standing wave ratio




Polarization mode

Horizontal or vertical

Antenna weight




* FMUSER FSN-1000R FM relay repeater * 1 set

* FM radio transmission power cable *1pc

* FU-DV2 dipole antenna *1pc

* 1/2 feed cable L29J–L29J -12 30meters with connectors *1pc

* FM directional receiving Yagi antenna *1pc

* FM directional Yagi antenna feeder 20meters with connectors *1pc



1. What is the radio relay system?

— The radio relay system is for receiving and re-broadcast of the main radio station signal.


2. Why the relay radio station can not broadcast same frequency with the main radio station ?

— Because the coverage of the transmitter is a circle, the overlapping parts of the two circles will have the same frequency interference. Sounds like a repeating sound.


3. How much is the difference between the main station and the relay station?

–Minimum difference of 0.5mhz.



4. How many meters should between the receiving antenna and the broadcasting antenna?

— At least 3 meters apart.


5. How much delay?

– The delay between the main station and relay  stations is 0.1 second.


6. Whether the audio input can be switched automatically?

— Does not support automatic switching.


7. What advantages does the radio relay system has over STL?

* No receiver limit.

* The signal is more stable and can adapt to more complex environments.

* There are two receivable frequencies that can be used.

* The operation is simpler, there are not many setup options.


8. What is the difference between fm relay station and synchronous broadcast?

The fm relay station converts to an audio signal by receiving a signal from the FM main station and transmits it again.


Synchronous broadcasting requires independent audio transmission lines, such as optical fibers, networks, microwaves, satellites, etc. to transfer the audio signals.


The fm relay station requires at least two frequency points for continuous transmission and coverage.

Synchronous broadcast only needs one frequency point to cover.



You can get the below recommendation as the main radio station.





30KM Transmitter Package

1x 1000W FSN-1000T FM TX


Complete transmission package

1x 1-Bay FU-DV2 Dipole Antenna

1x 30M 1/2″ Coaxial Cable with Connectors

50KM Transmitter Package

1x 1000W FSN-1000T FM TX


Complete transmission package

1x 2-Bay FU-DV2 Dipole Antenna

1x 40M 1/2″ Coaxial Cable with Connectors

30KM Studio Package

1x 1000W FSN-1000T FM TX


Complete Studio package with 1KW FM transmitter and 1 bay antennas

1x 1-Bay FU-DV2 Dipole Antenna

1x 30M 1/2″ Coaxial Cable with Connectors

1x Studio Package (one 12way mixer, two headphones, two speakers, one audio processor, one 4way hybrid telephone, two microphones,two MIC stands, two BOP covers, one On Air LED )

50KM Studio Package

1x 1000W FSN-1000T FM TX


Complete Studio package with 1KW FM transmitter and 2 bay antennas

1x 2-Bay FU-DV2 Dipole Antenna

1x 40M 1/2″ Coaxial Cable with Connectors

1x Studio Package (one 12way mixer, two headphones, two speakers, one audio processor, one 4way hybrid telephone, two microphones,two MIC stands, two BOP covers, one On Air LED )


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