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Professional FM Radio Station Equipment Package

  1. Overview


Everything you need is in the FMUSER studio setup. Completely state-of-the-art, cost-effective premium product including all the radio equipment you need for online broadcasting.

We have mixers, microphones, audio processors, monitor headphones, etc. Make sure you have a great show in every moment.

1.1 This is our job

FMUSER Broadcast is a professional radio station equipment supplier from China. We focus on creating unforgettable storytelling environments for news, education, sports, e-sports, entertainment life, multi-channel, and corporate video conferencing and communications.

1.2 This is a Professional Radio Station Equipment Package

Whether you’re a novice, seasoned professional, publisher or networker, FMUSER can help you get noticed.

We are passionate advocates for your audience and focus on getting your audience to engage with your brand. As a creative and versatile group of viewers, questioners, and collaborative problem solvers, we strive to discover meaningful differences in each project. The FMUSER team translates these distinctions into purposeful landscape masterpieces.

1.3 Our own team

FMUSER has its own team to provide professional and top-level solutions among the continuously developing multi-channel suppliers, and provide you with professional pre-sales and after-sales services and high-quality products.

  • Features

2.1 FMUSER FU-1000C 1000W FM Transmitter + 2KW Dipole Antenna + 30M Coaxial Cable

Powerful broadcast hardware for your radio station at an affordable price. This is also the first choice for most mid-sized FM radio operators. As the best-selling 1000W FM radio broadcast transmitter, if you are a station manager, a reliable FU-1000C FM broadcast transmitter can help you better manage your broadcast affairs and create unlimited business opportunities for you.

2.2 FMUSER BS-2M-1 Professional Broadcast Studio Condenser Microphone

This high resolution is important if you want high quality broadcasts and want to make sure you’re being heard correctly. FMUSER BS-2M-1 adopts 16mm high-sensitivity condenser capsule, high-fidelity sound quality and precise cardioid pickup to easily capture fine and clear sound details. Therefore, you should buy a high-quality microphone like the FMUSER BS-2M-1 Professional Condenser Microphone, which records your voice in high quality to make it as realistic as possible. Take your broadcast sound quality to a new level.

2.3 FMUSER BS-2M-2 Microphones Boom Arm

You can adjust multiple angles with 3 adjustable knobs. Made of high-quality aluminum metal, surface anodized aluminum process, high strength and corrosion resistance, rust-proof, waterproof, not easy to deform, even when touching the desktop, vibrating or making abnormal noises on the floor. The high damping of the cantilever stand effectively avoids almost all unpleasant noises caused by the transmission of vibrations to the microphone or by vibrations from tables and floors. The built-in XLR cable adopts a hidden inner cable design, no external connection cable is required, and the overall style is simple and comfortable, in line with high-end studios.

2.4 FMUSER BS-2M-3 Professional Monitor Headphone

FMUSER BS-2M-3 monitor headphones use 40mm polymer-coated diaphragms with high sensitivity, wide response range and large dynamic characteristics. It features three levels of bass adjustment, allowing you to tune the bass for the best sound according to your style preferences and different environments. Professional broadcast-quality monitor headphones feature an ergonomic design with soft, comfortable ear cushions for extended, stress-free wear. The headband stretches to your desired size and fits most people.

2.5 FMUSER BS-2M-4 Professional Monitor Speakers

A woofer that provides a cleaner overall sound, using a braided composite low frequency driver. The weave and character of the FMUSER BS-2M-4’s 3.5 woofer produces a more constant dispersion pattern across the frequency range, resulting in less time-smeared audio and a clearer overall sound. Smooth top end and wide sweet spot, featuring a 1 silk dome tweeter that produces a smooth and refined sound that accurately reproduces transients and high frequencies. Tweeters are designed to radiate sound in a fairly wide spread pattern, creating a large sweet spot or “sweet spot” so you can walk around and still hear everything accurately. But in the studio you don’t need to move around, which gives you and your second or third broadcaster an optimal listening voice.

Speaker response is affected by placement and room acoustics. That’s why the FMUSER BS-2M-4 Active Media Reference Monitor offers easy-to-adjust high and low frequency controls. A convenient front-panel volume knob sets speaker levels and integrated headphone amplifier levels. The FMUSER BS-2M-4 is powered by an onboard 25 watts/side power amplifier, which is much louder than you might expect, while still delivering clear, accurate audio. Especially suitable for broadcast studios, the vocal part of this monitor is very clear and prominent, which allows broadcasters to monitor their own voice with greater precision.

Connects to almost any line level source, and with three different types of audio inputs, you can easily feed audio from mixers, interfaces, media players or almost any other line level source to your FMUSER BS- 2M-4 monitor. The FMUSER BS-2M-4 features rear-panel 1/4-inch TRS and RCA inputs, and front-panel 1/8-inch stereo unbalanced line inputs for use with mobile audio equipment. In the studio set, we only need to connect the TRS (6.5MM) interface to the mixer.

2.6 FMUSER BS-2M-5 Audio Processor

The design and vision of the FMUSER BS-2M-5 audio processor is to provide state-of-the-art signal processing while using a simple and intuitive user interface. This is achieved by providing the processing power of two independent channels and a linkable 28-band graphic equalizer, industry standard stereo compression module, feedback canceller and 120A harmonic synthesizer input and a six-parameter channel output system of. Equalizer, limiter (to prevent speaker popping) and calibration delay. These features, combined with the wizard setup system and full GUI control, represent a methodical design that ensures optimal audio processing in a fully scalable system. Stable current, stable sound quality of speakers, and at the same time make the sound field positioning in broadcasting clear, the sense of layering is clear, and the human voice becomes clear and clean. It supports 3 XLR inputs and 6 XLR outputs, and the left and right channel inputs of the mixer are connected to the audio processor output. to both monitor speakers and transmitter

2.7 FMUSER BS-2M-6 Mixing Console

A mixer is an essential piece of equipment in a studio. It has multiple inputs, controls the sound signal of each channel, can perform sound effect processing independently, and can also mix various sounds, and the mixing ratio is adjustable; it has a variety of outputs (including left and right stereo output, editing output, mixed mono output, monitor output, recording output, and various auxiliary outputs, etc.). FMUSER BS-1M-6 is a small mixing console with 4 input channels, and each channel has adjustment, gain, and reverb effects for the high, middle and low frequency bands. 2 of them are mic XLR inputs or line inputs 3 and 4 in stereo. They are perfect for managing up to 3 live guests on your show.


1. For broadcast studios and podcasts

2. Broadcasting for live news, special interviews, church preaching, entertainment programs, etc.

4.The Equipment list of the package:

  • 1x FMUSER FU-1000C 1000W FM Transmitter
  • 1x 2KW Dipole Antenna
  • 1x 30M Coaxial Cable
  • 2x FMUSER BS-2M-1 Professional Broadcast Studio Condenser Microphone
  • 2x FMUSER BS-2M-2 Microphones Boom Arm
  • 2x FMUSER BS-2M-3 Professional Monitor Headphone
  • 1x FMUSER BS-2M-4 Professional Monitor Speakers
  • 1x FMUSER BS-2M-5 Audio Processor
  • 1x FMUSER BS-2M-6 Mixing Console
  • 6x FMUSER Audio cable

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