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FMUSER BS-1M Professional FM Radio Station Equipment Package

  1. Overview


Everything you need is in the FMUSER studio setup. Completely state-of-the-art, cost-effective premium product including all the radio equipment you need for online broadcasting.

We have mixers, microphones, audio processors, monitor headphones, etc. Make sure you have a great show in every moment.

1.1 This is our job

FMUSER Broadcast is a professional radio station equipment supplier from China. We focus on creating unforgettable storytelling environments for news, education, sports, e-sports, entertainment life, multi-channel, and corporate video conferencing and communications.

1.2 This is a Professional Radio Station Equipment Package

Whether you’re a novice, seasoned professional, publisher or networker, FMUSER can help you get noticed.

We are passionate advocates for your audience and focus on getting your audience to engage with your brand. As a creative and versatile group of viewers, questioners, and collaborative problem solvers, we strive to discover meaningful differences in each project. The FMUSER team translates these distinctions into purposeful landscape masterpieces.

1.3 Our own team

FMUSER has its own team to provide professional and top-level solutions among the continuously developing multi-channel suppliers, and provide you with professional pre-sales and after-sales services and high-quality products.

  • Features

2.1 FMUSER FU-1000C 1000W FM Transmitter + 2KW Dipole Antenna + 30M Coaxial Cable

Powerful broadcast hardware for your radio station at an affordable price. This is also the first choice for most mid-sized FM radio operators. As the best-selling 1000W FM radio broadcast transmitter, if you are a station manager, a reliable FU-1000C FM broadcast transmitter can help you better manage your broadcast affairs and create unlimited business opportunities for you.

2.2 FMUSER BS-1M-1 Professional Broadcast Studio Condenser Microphone

FMUSER BS-1M-1 broadcast microphone adopts cardioid directional sound test, which can isolate unnecessary ambient noise, and the effect of eliminating echo is better than omnidirectional. The sound reproduction is natural and clear, providing high-quality broadcast effects. The highly compatible design perfectly matches the computer sound card and mobile phone connection. The built-in filter windshield effectively eliminates unwanted noise such as breathing or wind noise. Powered by 1.5V AAA battery, no 48V phantom power required, up to 360 hours of working time. Fully meet the needs of long-term broadcast work.

2.3 FMUSER BS-1M-2 Microphones Boom Arm

Microphone boom that fits most microphones and shock mounts. Easy to install anywhere, you can freely fix the base on tables up to 4.5cm thick. Durable: This microphone stand is made of high-quality steel, which is strong and durable, and can effectively reduce some of the noise caused by the environment and various collisions, which is very important during broadcasting, because this reduces the bad experience for the audience. Highly flexible boom, the boom’s boom design allows you to freely adjust the microphone 360 degrees in all directions.

2.4 FMUSER BS-1M-3 Professional Monitor Headphone

FMUSER BS-1M-3 professional monitoring headphones are specially designed for the studio. The fully enclosed cavity structure effectively blocks external noise. The 50mm neodymium magnet dynamic drive unit is used to provide thick bass, clear midrange and extended treble, which can be flexibly applied to various high-demand studio needs. Professional broadcast monitor headphones are ergonomically paired with highly soft, high-protein leather materials for optimal wearing comfort. The ear shells can be designed with a swing range of 25° left and right to meet the wearing of people with different face shapes. Retractable head bow design, the length of one side can be retracted up to 35mm, which can meet the wearing of different head shapes.

2.5 FMUSER BS-1M-4 Professional Monitor Speakers

FMUSER BS-1M-4 is ideal for radio stations. It adopts Privare model gold foil disc integrated structure diaphragm. The inherent structural advantages bring stiffness and elasticity to soft sound, as well as high dynamic and high resolution band. The sound of the high-quality monitoring is broadcast-level standard. The 1.5-inch professional tweeter and the 4-inch subwoofer gold foil disc restore high-quality sound and monitor all the sound details you need. Support high and low audio and volume adjustment, wireless connection, USB and TF and AUX jack music input. With the use of the audio processor, it can accurately monitor and optimize your sound effects, and provide high-quality guarantee for your broadcast sound quality.

2.6 FMUSER BS-1M-5 Audio Processor

FMUSER BS-1M-5 (AE24) audio processor adopts advanced DSP technology from high-fidelity 24bit 48kHz delta-sigma A/D converter with 128x oversampling digital processing including gain\invert\parametric EQ\slope filter \Delay\Cross\Compression\Limiting and signal routing functions All processing is done by a pair of 120MHz high performance DSP processor D/A converters, using 24 bit delta-sigma converters and 128x oversampling gain audio processors, high, Mid and low frequency filters, compressed audio processors, signal distribution, delays. FMUSER BS-1M-5 (AE24) audio processor in order to stabilize the current, stabilize the sound quality of the speaker, and at the same time make the sound field positioning in the broadcast clear, the sense of hierarchy is clear, and the vocals become clear and clean, with high-definition LED display and panel buttons, very easy to operate and view the settings, and you can also use the USB interface to connect the computer to adjust the settings. Supports 2 XLR inputs and 4 XLR outputs, the left and right channel inputs of the mixer are connected to the audio processor output to the monitor speakers and the transmitter.

2.7 FMUSER BS-1M-6 Mixing Console

A mixer is an essential piece of equipment in a studio. It has multiple inputs, controls the sound signal of each channel, can perform sound effect processing independently, and can also mix various sounds, and the mixing ratio is adjustable; it has a variety of outputs (including left and right stereo output, editing output, mixed mono output, monitor output, recording output, and various auxiliary outputs, etc.). FMUSER BS-1M-6 is a small mixing console with 4 input channels, and each channel has adjustment, gain, and reverb effects for the high, middle and low frequency bands. 2 of them are mic XLR inputs or line inputs 3 and 4 in stereo. They are perfect for managing up to 3 live guests on your show.


1. For broadcast studios and podcasts

2. Broadcasting for live news, special interviews, church preaching, entertainment programs, etc.

4.The Equipment list of the package:

  • 1x FMUSER FU-1000C 1000W FM Transmitter
  • 1x 2KW Dipole Antenna
  • 1x 30M Coaxial Cable
  • 1x FMUSER BS-1M-1 Professional Broadcast Microphone
  • 1x FMUSER BS-1M-2 Microphones Boom Arm
  • 1x FMUSER BS-1M-3 Professional Monitor Headphone
  • 1x FMUSER BS-1M-4 Professional Monitor Speakers
  • 1x FMUSER BS-1M-5 Audio Processor
  • 1x FMUSER BS-1M-6 Mixing Console
  • 7x FMUSER Audio cable

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