How to Use IPTV Encoder to Make an Internal Network Live Broadcast Solution?

How to Use IPTV Encoder to Make an Internal Network Live Broadcast  Solution?


一. Applicable scene

1.Closed venues, meeting rooms, no internet environment

2.Customer requirements live content security, confidentiality, do not want to leak, just want to watch the internal staff

3.Internal training of employees

4.School teaching

二. Introduction

Intranet broadcast program is to build a streaming media server, in the LAN to complete the live content collection, distribution and viewing a set of live process.

Technical Parameters:

1. The direct stream protocol supports rtmp and hls

2. Streaming supports both push and pull modes

3. Audio and video encoding support H264 / AAC

4. Use FFmpeg to transcode online

5. Use advanced buffering technology to keep memory allocation to a minimum, resulting in faster streaming and lower memory footprint

三. Scheme


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