16 in 1IPTV Encoder can be used in Remote HD Education, Streaming Live Broadcast, Remote Multi-window Video Conference, Hospitality IPTV Applicationand more IPTV Streaming

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Today’s highly competitive TV market requires TV service providers and operators to provide access to content on every screen, while improving efficiency and reducing complexity across various platforms. The 16in1 FMUSER FBE216 encoder aims to address the demand for video delivery. It can be used in various digital distribution systems like remote HD education, streaming live broadcast, remote multi-window video conference, hospitality IPTV applicationand more.


• 720, 720P, 1080Pstreaming resolution
• H.265 /H.264 / Baseline Profile / High Profile / Main Profile video compression support
• Supports GOP frame rate settings
• MP3 and AAC-LC/ HE audio compression
• Audio gain can be adjusted
• Scroll Caption (OSD) and logo can be inserted
• Image parameter settings
• Web-based management
• Audio output mode can be switched –Stereo, left and right
• Programs support up to three TS over IP stream out
• Supports ffmpeg and ONVIF Network Video Protocol
• Provides UDP / RTMP / RTSP / HTTP protocol
• Multi-protocol, multi-rate and multi-resolution configurable
• Supports multiple equipment display simultaneously on a single computer
• 1000M / 100M full-duplex mode
• Multiple output streams for every input service to support VOD, Broadcast,OTT and IPTV, web or mobileset top box apps
• Supports Microsoft WMENCODER and WDM architecture
• Compatible with WDM mode and Windows VFW software architecture


The 16in1  encoder is capable of supporting 16 video and 16 HDMI audio collection by input simultaneously. The 3.5mm stereo or HDMI can be used for audio line in. Every channel of HDMI input can also support 3 IP streams output with 2 different resolutions for adaptive bitrate. This means you can get one with lower resolution and another with higher resolution. Each IP streamgroup also supports 2 types of IP protocols output.

The FBE216 can provide H.265/ H.264/ encoding video streams with a variety of independent IP output channels to different servers for OTT and IPTV applications like Windows Media Server, Adobe Flash Server, RED5, Wowza Media Server and other servers based on HTTP / RTSP / UDP / ONVIF /RTMP / RTMP protocols. The encoder supports VLC decode and works well with most streaming platforms and live broadcast on streaming services such as Ustream, Facebook live, Livestream, Red5,Tikilive, Youtube Live, WOWZA, Twitch, FMS, Meridix, Netrmedia, Streamspot and Dacast. SDI versions are available as well.

Where Can You Use the 16in1  Encoder?

The 16in1 FMUSER FBE216 encoder can be used in various applications. Since it supports safe on-demand and livestreaming both outside and within corporate networks, the FBE216 allows businesses to personalize engagement, increase sales, reduce travel expenses and expand their each via video streaming. It provides powerful streaming solutions and promotes innovative broadcasting by delivering traditional broadcast channels and creating cutting-edge broadcasting channels to encourage citizen participation andmobile journalism.

The FBE216 also helps schools by delivering education streaming solutions.Remote students who want to continue their education or those who cannot attend a normal classroom due to other responsibilities can benefit well from these streaming solutions as they can watch the lecture anytime and anywhere. The 16in1 FMUSER FBE216 encoder can help all industries and enterprises wanting to expand their reach and provide content in a more efficient manner to their audience.

Where can you order the 16 in 1 HDMI IPTV encoder ?

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