DTS-10, 1103,1106, PL-310 in Fuzhou indoor reception FM, MW, SW evaluation

At half past two p.m. on the January 1 local users will be DTS-10 sq pass me immediately with the battery and sq playing a half hour, during and 1103,1106, PL-310 compared the FM, MW and on the computer to receive Interference of anti-interference ability, ability to receive the initial impression 1103FM in DTS-10, MW roughly equal, DTS-10 anti-interference ability and 1103 general, 1106, PL-310 and two aircraft are not, DTS-10 is also a common feeling of the beautiful sound . Sq left me Chengxing from 15:00 pm and 1103,1106, PL-310-by-point comparison frequency FM receiver end until 22:30 pm. January 3 until the afternoon at 2:30 on the 4th one by one frequency to receive MW and SW reception compared (SW frequency-by-point comparison is not). Thus ended the three-band contrast, on the 4th morning 11:00 to machine pass lrs. The following first talk on the DTS-10’s initial feelings:


DTS-10 After winning its size beyond my imagination, can be huge to describe the size of a small cassette size, appearance, conduct their good look pleasing, solid feel is also very good, smooth and mellow. LCD display is also a lot of window displays, including frequency, signal strength, single and double channel, wide band, temperature, etc., at a glance, the button also orderly, functional areas patchwork, direct keypad frequency, very convenient; There ssb features adjustable high and low tones, respectively; temperature display with new ideas; amplitude gain control easy to use; a mute button, and the convenience of the telephone in a timely manner mute; rotating the volume knob feels good; a backlight, night, easy to operate, particularly buttons are backlit at night is not dark to find units.
But there are also shortcomings, both trials, we should mention, for improvement purposes, the first appearance anjan stickers distorted, giving the feeling of not seriously. Second operation, the shuttle’s wheel pit can not provide as ICOM-R71E fingertips Anzhuo rotational adjustment, as Taiwan, and no damping sense, I feel more astringent. Third, the panel and the width of narrow-band dial knob does not change significantly at time to “clicks” feeling; finally found three days, whether indoor or outdoor, temperature display is always 16-18 degrees, such as furnishings, PL-310 show changes much faster. There are unevenly backlit LCD screen, right-left-dark light, more light LCD display. Parts through the loudspeaker enclosure can be seen inside the cage, add a layer of dust cloth proposal. AC power supply, noise greatly increased. More room for improvement.
Following entry into the receiving more, because I am not very familiar with operating ssb; me to no long-wave signal, so only a comparison FM, MW, SW. Since day 1, just with a hand 1103,1106, PL-310, PL-737 four-machine (in units), so simply compared to together, because the state and the PL-737 launch date not earlier than the no.

To photograph the DTS-10, 1103,1106, PL-310 put together

【Objective】 contrast DTS-10, 1103,1106, PL-310 to receive FM, MW, SW band effect
【Method】 listening environment: FM comparison unit 15-storey building in the 3rd floor, north room window tables
MW, SW contrast in the 10-story building, 3rd floor, north room window tables
1.1103 for the four-connected versions of FM, should be the latest version. 1106, PL-310 is more than half the new purchase. DTS-10 battery installed to listen.
2. Comparison of the whip antenna when four planes were all pulled out, that is the longest state. I consider this is the manufacturers that the aircraft antenna to receive the best length of time, so this state PK reasonable.
3. Comparison of FM current affairs were placed in the same location on each machine; contrast MW, SW e wrong time open, so as not to interfere with each other, exchange places when in doubt; four machines each time one of these machines only allow the boot, the other off, to avoid interfere with each other.
【Results】 1, the FM band
Only compared the 87.5-108.0MHz, 0.5MHz interval starting from 87.5 MHz to manually search for radio frequencies below 87.5 MHz there is no comparison. Taiwan has repeatedly compared the same weak order the most accurate results.
1. First of all, once the local contrast of the strong units: 87.6MHz, 88.3 MHz, 89.3 MHz, 90.6 MHz, 91.3 MHz, 92.6 MHz, 93.5 MHz, 94.4 MHz, 96.1 MHz, 98.7 MHz, 99.6 MHz, 100.7 MHz, 103.6 MHz, 107.1 MHz. Four machines are well received, which is expected within, DTS-10’s sound great, just to hear an invisible wings, immersed in music, just like heaven paradise fly. Is discovered before the accident do not know Taiwan 88.3 MHz, signal is very strong, as the content and 98.7 MHz, four aircraft were received, does not appear to mirror.
2. One by one manually search for radio frequency process, found in many non-DTS-10 station frequencies have such strong local 98.7MHz fleeing into Taiwan, the sound is extremely small, need to adjust the volume can be clearly heard, while the 1103 is no such phenomena, 1106, PL-310 actually has this phenomenon, but appears less frequency. Finally find the 100.10 MHz, 101.50 MH, 101.70 MHz, 103.00 MHz signal is weak in four of Taiwan. 100.10 MHz for the broadcast of Taichung, Taiwan ICRT; 101.50 I do not know where to broadcasting, but the same content with 98.7, four aircraft were received, does not appear to mirror; 101.70 MHz for the Fujian Ningde Radio Voice, Internet search a little, Address: Development Zone, Ping Tong Kiu Traffic Ningde Tacitus Road, the land distance 113.2 km, 77 km from the sky line, actually in the Baidu search “Ningde People’s Radio” page in which the first page of stickers to see my 2006 hits Open the Connection excited ing. 103.00 MHz for the Putian’s Traffic Radio, land-based distance 114.5 km, about 80 km from the sky line.

Interestingly, in the process of receiving 101.50 MH, inadvertently touched the antenna 1106 DTS-10 antenna, suddenly the voice of 1106 greatly increased the volume, try the 1106 antenna antenna in the DTS-10 slide, in which a certain point, 1106, small volume suddenly becomes very loud and very strong signal, demodulate the stereo, not receiving a little noise, a number of repeated experiments is that, while the other three machines are no such phenomena, with this Ways to receive 101.50 MH defeat the other 3 machines, incredible. However, 100.10 MHz, 101.70 MHz, 103.00 MHz the effect is not so obvious, I guess its threshold is too high, once the signal intensity exceeds the threshold, can be a good receiver, to be pondering the future.

Second, the wave segment
Since the 531-1710KHz, every 9KHz manual search radio station and met a far contrast to the weak units are repeated listening, DTS-10 has repeatedly stressed narrow width, adjusting the gain control AM compared.
Strong local station: 540 KHz, 585 KHz, 603 KHz, 666 KHz, 720 KHz, 801 KHz, 882 KHz, 1332 KHz, 1404 KHz, 1557 KHz four machines to cope with ease now, but the DTS-10 to AM control play in the 2 / 3 high and low pitch to close to the maximum bandwidth to play in broadband, when it sounds like listening to FM, adding that, attractive.
In Poland’s low-end, 648 KHz Guangdong Radio, 729 KHz Jiangxi newscasts, 774 KHz and 4 in Hubei People’s Radio can be received, but the DTS-10 and the 1103 sound big, strong signal, DTS-10 sound quality is good, background noise is low, listen to almost enjoy the class; 1103 background noise even more, listening to very clear. 1106, PL-310 can receive the radio though, but the big noise, very Naiting, especially in the 1106 noise is great, can not stand.
Mid-frequency: 1116 KHz Central People’s Radio Voice of China (Taiwan a) listening situation with the low end of Poland as a result, did not hear because of other weak Taiwan Taiwan were not enumerated.
End: 1494KHz Exercises in English, is broadcast jazz; 1503KHz speaking the language of Southeast Asia, did not understand; 1530 is a radio station Voice of the City of Zhejiang in Hangzhou, broadcasting, land-based distance 687.8 km, 470.6 km straight-line distance of heaven; more than 3 units similar, and different from before, 1103 to listen to good, clear and audible voice, background noise is also large, DTS-10 can listen to the signal strength, noise, smaller than 1103, but the signal fading when to die, the less noise in the can not find the voice a little, so he will ring AM200 German students set up up, rotating knob, the signal to reach 1-2 cells, and finally a voice.

1106, PL-310 case, when the audible signal strength, the signal is weak, barely heard a little voice, fuzzy recognizable, 1106, slightly stronger than the PL-310 Sheung Wan is also not much better.
Contrast to listen to the night 1:10 am, simply TOSHIBA’s RP-770F will also put out over the same frequency will receive it again, and some stations have been off the air, but especially in the broadcasting of high-end collection of the effect of 3 units and 1103 equivalent, but slightly less noise than the 1103, felt that the small Japanese indeed formidable,


Lamb, pure AM car took a plane out of contest, SANYO’s F7100A, batteries for power, the primary coil connected with a magnetic bar antenna side, over the same frequency will be once again received a voice clear and moderate noise the sound quality is also good, amazing! Beside the point.

III. Shortwave reception
Since time is limited, spent over one hour to 2:30 am comparing the short wave band, on the 4th morning, then compared. Four low-end machine in short-wave radio are not received, is electromagnetic interference, simply by the mainstream international radio broadcasting B09 Mandarin version of Time and Frequency List (Oct. 26 update) to listen, to receive the four-machine hear it, not receive The are not received, not enumerated, but the performance of four different machines, DTS-10 background noise is low, sound quality is better than good Naiting 1103,1106, PL-310 noisy, not Naiting.
In closing weak to Taiwan, 5840KHz, 5925 KHz 1103 for the audible level, DTS-10 is ambiguous, even audible, 1106, PL-310 is almost no smell. 9530 KHz, 9605 KHz 1106, PL-310 sound very small and noisy, especially the 1106 voice of the sharp, harsh noise, can not stand.
Folk Taiwan remains the same.
1. FM Listen: DTS-10 ≈ 1103> PL310 ≥ 1106, but the 1103 win in the sensitivity of the slightly selective superior to DTS-10. Listen to the sound quality of DTS-10 ahead, so basically a tie with 1103. PL310 and 1106, while slightly weaker, but the performance of DSP has a relatively decent.
2. MW Listening: 1103 ≈ DTS-10> 1106 ≈ PL310, 1103 has won only in Polish high-end small, but very good sound quality on the DTS-10 low noise and back, so basically a tie with 1103. PL310 and 1106 slightly inferior, although 1106 to receive slightly stronger in the PL310, but the sound spikes, noise, fully exposed, it almost equal in comparison with the PL310.
3. Shortwave listening: Due to time constraints, not every 5KHz comparing each frequency, the result is 1103> DTS-10> PL310 ≈ 1106, but the signal was slightly stronger than the DTS-10 is very comfortable to listen to. 1106 lost in the noise too much, too harsh, drowned in the noise of the signal.
In summary, DTS-10 is a high sensitivity and sound beautiful machine, it is worth having. 1103 is a milestone machine that the recent out of the machine is difficult to surpass in performance overall. PL310 appears to be a good machine, low price, small and portable, but it made noise and the sound stuffy feelings need to be gradually build. 1106 is the mao of the cap of for, but the estimates are what link in the chain, the top and so I continue to be closed, if the interference can be removed should be a good machine.
Sadly, a small machine in Japan has reached a pinnacle n years ago. Hope that our radio business to go further.
Users would like to thank musicradio machine for all to try to provide. (The evaluation is entirely a personal hobby, which resulted only in the hand loom, does not mean that all of these models)