ANJAN DTS 10 Digital FM / AM / Shortwave / SSB World Band Radio Receiver English manual

ANJAN DTS 10 Digital FM / AM / Shortwave / SSB World Band Radio Receiver English manual

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Tune: Digital Tuning
type: Portable
Battery: 4x R20
Band: Two Band
Sound Channel: Stereo
color: Black
weight: 1.82kg(not include battery)
size: 258x148x63mm



We have a Holand customer who bought this receiver .We gratitude to him that found the function :
Connect a Decoder interface to decode signals, like CW and RTTY



FM: 76.0-108.0MHz
LW: 150-519KHz
MW: 522-1620KHz
SW: 1711-30000KHz

(1)SW Range:
11m: 25400-26200KHz
13m: 21200-22000KHz
16m: 17200-18000KHz
19m: 15000-15800KHz
22m: 13400-14200KHz
25m: 11450-12250KHz
31m: 9200-10000KHz
41m: 6800-7600KHz

(2)Radio Station Preset: 1000

(3)Noise Limit Sensitivity:
FM < 3μv
LW < 1.2mv/m
MW < 1mv/m
SW < 20μv

(4)Single Signal Selectivity: ±5k >30dB

(5)external power
4xR20 batteries
external DC power supply: 6v
external AC power supply: ~220v 50Hz

(6)Speaker: D128mm 8 5w

(7)Headset: D3.5mm 32 ;




We will pack it with  air cushion packaging to avoid damaing
Package include:
ANJAN DTS 10 receiver
power cable
English manual


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We have a customer from the Netherlands. He bought our ANJAN STS 10 receiver and he is very satisfied with the item  .So he made a review for this. Below is the review:

Review Anjan DTS-10


This receiver has arrived here, a solid package, including a cable for 220 V, hidden in the battery case. There are no batteries included, you have to use 4 x R20, big size.

The display was protected by a layer of foil. My first impression was, this is a solid black radio, balanced, good knobs and keys, clear display, large telescopa antenna etc. A portable receiver but I will use it as a desktop receiver.

In the display you can see the

– mono/stereo indication,

– Narrow/wide,

– SSB indicator,

– AM mode,

– Display of intensiveness of station signal, (0 for weak signal and 6 for strong signal)

– Time and Storage display (when power on: it indicates time and storage message),

– Temperature and meter band display (when tune short frequency, indicate the meter band of
frequency; indicate current ambient temperature in other conditons.
– Main display (when power-off, you see the clock, when power on: indicate station name,
frequency, error operating etc.
– Tune fast and slow indicator
– Lock encoder (multi-function know) indicator
– AM Frequecy, range unit (KHZ)
– Frequency modulation (MHZ)
– Alarm
– Timer-Power-on 1, 2, 3
– Power adapter indicator
– Battery power indicator
– Auto power-off indicator
– Wave band indicator
In Secondary display, you can see when power is off the second clock timing

When power is on you see the frequency. So if you have a name for a Station, you see still the frequency in this secondary display

On the front buttons for

PREVIEW ( Browse key, if you press short: preview scan up or browse frequency channel

ATS (Long press: Auto scan & memo stations

PAGE (short press: turn pages

MEMO (short press: Store station

M/F (short press:  Switch frequency tune mode and channels switch mode

SLEEP (power on: short press: Turn on/off auto power off, when power on: long press: Setup audio power-off time

SSB (on/off) SSB receiving

MB/ST ( Meter band/stereo, short press: Select stereo or switch meter band

ALTERNATE LISTENING key, short press: Switch to last frequency or channel

EDIT (Station name edit) alpha numeric max 7 characters


Two switch buttons, for Wide and Narrow, the other for FM, SW, MW, LW

A nice keypad for frequency entry, no need to give an, 6.075 is 6 0 7 5


Then knobs for AM AGG+  – SSB fine – Treble and Bass

All working fine!


On the right sight of the receiver there is a multi-function knob, for manual tuning, but also for setting the time, Next Page etc  The volume knob is also on the right side Below this know you will find a line-out connection, for example to use with a decoder interface.

The telescope is rather long and also on the top of the receiver you find a light-on button and a Snooze (Mute) button.. To carry the receiver there is a robust handle.

On the left side there is a line-in and a headphone connection. Also you will find a DC 6 Volt connection.

On the back the connection of  AC power 220V and antenna connection, 75 ohm and for a longwire antenna..There is also a “Ground” (GND) connection.


Reception: Good performance on all bands.  Rich and clear sound. Also the Treble and bass very useful. When I listen to hams, I have less Bass and more treble. For music the Bass is very pleasant.

Listening on the whip is OK. But I have connected a 20 meter Long wire to a tree in my garden.

SSB is also very nice! The fine tune knob works OK, easy to fine tune. I work here also with an old MTC 029 morse RTTY, TOR etc decoder, connected to the audio output on the right.

The Anjan gives enough output to decode those signals. So I can decode for example Morse (CW) on 7.010 and other frequencies. A nice extra that Audio jack!

A nice feature is also the option to make use of the 1000 memories with Station names!

10 pages of 100 memories you can use AND scan.

The display is good to read, also working at night is a pleasure with lighted screen and buttons.

The price is now (29/6) $ 130,-  and I think this is a reasonable price for what you get. Of course there will be better machines, but I am satisfied with this nice radio.


Hans Stam

How far(long) the transmitter cover?

The transmission range depends on many factors. The true distance is based on the sensitivity of the receiver, antenna of the receiver, and the building and other obstructions, which are between the transmitter and receiver. And the distance will much more in countryside.


I have a USA customer use 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in his hometown ,and he test it with a car ,it cover 10km(6.21mile).

I test the 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in my hometown ,it cover about 2km(1.24mile).

I test the 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in Guangzhou city ,it cover about only 300meter(984ft).